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Southern Engineering & Automation - All Custom Cost-Effective, Custom Automation Machinery & Equipment Solutions Since 1980, with applications in - Assembly - Robotics - Automotive - Pharmaceutical - Medical Device - Packaging - Plastics Welding - Test & Inspection - Packaging - More ! Click Here Or Call (727)939-1922 . . .

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A-TEK, LLC - Longmont, CO - - Getech Fully automated in-line and stand alone depaneling systems, ink jet marking systems and CONNECTOR INSERTION SYSTEMS. Offering support, spare parts & training. Partnering with companies which have been supplying Fortune 500 companies and major electronics manufacturers in Asia for many years and have a design ethic that ensures reliability.
(303)485-6007, Fax: (970)266-8003, E-mail: Request a quote

ADVANTECH EMBEDDED COMPUTING - Irvine, CA - - Manufacturer of SINGLE BOARD COMPUTERS - Biscuit PCs, half-sized CPU cards, full-sized CPU cards, PC/104, WebCon, POS, embedded OSs. We also offer ruggedized, fanless, modularized panel computers with 5.7"-15" LCD displays. NEMA 4/IP 65, IEC601/UL2601. Ideal for industrial automation, POS/POI, transportation, medical/healthcare, kiosk applications.
(800)866-6008, (949)789-7178, Fax: (949)789-7179, E-mail: Request a quote

CYCLO-INDEX - Carthage, MO - - Manufacturing mechanical intermittent motion drives, indexers, gear boxes, and related products for more than 35 years. Mechanical INDEXERS & INDEX DRIVES - cam-driven indexers - dial table index drives & indexers - rotary dial tables - rotary index drives - index tables. Cyclo-Index promises quality index drive products, competitive prices, and quick, on-time delivery.
(417)358-6136, Fax: (417)358-8629, E-mail: Request a quote

ICP DAS USA, INC. - Torrance, CA - - Designers and manufacturers of many different controllers, data acquisition systems, industrial data communication, and PC-based control systems. Our controllers can control up to a thousand I/O points by using RS-485 or Ethernet communication throughout the entire plant. They are of excellent quality and cost effective.
(310)517-9888, Fax: (310)517-0998 , E-mail: Request a quote

GLOBAL MEKTRONICS, INC. - Phoenix, AZ - - We design and build custom automated machines to our customers' specification. Typical automation includes front and back end IC WAFER PROCESSING, conveying systems, assembly automation, design for cleanrooms, reticle stockers, tester assemblies, pick and place machines, robotics and wafer handling machines.
(602)243-4366, Fax: (602)218-5330, E-mail: Request a quote

INTEC AUTOMATION INC. - Victoria BC, Canada - - Our development and control software suite allows you to quickly create and deploy automated factory control solutions... Send data and control commands OVER THE INTERNET . Using a new, simplified approach to programming today's popular microcontroller, "microCommander" builds powerful automation and control solutions faster and easier than ever before.
Toll-Free: (866)721-5150, (250)721-5150, Fax: (250)721-4191, E-mail: Request a quote

PARKER GROUP, INC., The. - Clinton Township, MI - - Factory authorized & field service capable assembly AUTOMATION COMPONENT REPAIR source for industry. Programmable logic controls, NC/CNC controls, AC/DC servo motors/controls, drives, OEM PC Boards, Encoders, CRT/monitors, power supplies, robotics. Printed circuit board assembly Manufacturing. FREE estimates, free Shipping to our Location, quick turn, outstanding warranty, competitive pricing.
(586)469-0606, , Fax: (586)469-2826, E-mail:
Request a quote

OLAMEF / PEI - Carlsbad, CA - - Lead forming equipment for axial & radial, loose and taped components, transistors, ICs and special applications. Depanelers, component counters and scales, temperature profilers, more! We have been serving the electronics industry for over 13 years through a network of distributors and sales representatives.
(877)652-6336, (760)930-9206, Fax: (760)930-9273, E-mail: Request a quote

PALOMAR TECHNOLOGIES - Vista, CA - - AUTOMATED WIRE BONDERS for singulated die or entire wafer and hybrid circuit interconnects. Laser diode optoelectronics wire bonders, automated systems for gold wire ball bumping and thermocompression bonding of flip chips. Palomar's gold connection process is a self-contained, lead-free process without additional off-line processing required to complete die connections to substrates.
(800)854-3467, (760)931-3440, Fax: (760)931-3444, E-mail:
Click to read our latest news release Palomar Technologies Relocates to New Carsbad HQ ~ Adds Expanded R&D, Prototyping, Cleanroom and Production Facilities Request a quote

SBT DESIGNS - San Antonio, TX - - Sales and installation of commercial and industrial automation and controls, accent lighting and renewable energy products and systems for convenience, safety and energy savings. Trained by Honeywell, we bring 27 years of certification, education, training and experience in computers, electronics and power systems to our business endeavors.
(210)698-7109, Fax: (210)698-7147, E-mail: Request a quote

SOUTHERN ENGINEERING & AUTOMATION - Tarpon Springs, FL - - Cost-Effective, CUSTOM AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT solutions since 1980. Applications in assembly, robotics, automotive, pharmaceutical, medical device, packaging, plastics welding, test & inspection, packaging, more! As a special machinery builder, we provide automated solutions utilizing robotics, special purpose automation, and integrated systems. Compliant with all OSHA and IEC standards, satisfaction guaranteed.
(727)939-1922, Fax: (727)939-1921, E-mail: Request a quote


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