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DA-Green Electronics ~ Custom Cable / Harness Assembly
Custom and COTS Cable & Harness Assemblies for - Aircraft - Shipboard - Military - Commercial - Industrial applications. Experts in Generator Cables & Extensions for Deployable Power Distribution Systems - Send Print for Quick Quote... Click Here to Enter or Call . . . 800-DGE-CORP . . .or . . . 800-343-2677

A&M ELECTRONICS SUPPLY, INC. - El Paso, TX - - Contract manufacturing services, specializing in custom cables and wiring harness assemblies. Offering high quality manufacturing and fabrication capabilities, from custom design & prototyping to full scale production, wire marking & labeling, termination & connector assembly, and more. Serving OEM customers in the communications, network equipment, heavy equipment, military, industrial, transportation and aerospace industries.
(800)553-5087, E-mail: sales@anmelectonics.com Request a quote

A SQUARED TECHNOLOGIES, INC. - San Marcos, CA - - Product research, design, prototype and assembly services for electronics and electromechanical OEM products. Embedded controllers for smart systems - Developer of 1994 Fortune 500 "Product of the Year." From patent research to OEM production, we help large and small OEMs and independent inventors - Providing SMT and thru-hole electronic assembly services.
(760)432-8285, Fax: (760)432-8286, E-mail: Asquared@cts.com Request a quote

Adv-Tec. SYSTEMS, INC. - Quapaw, OK - - A U.S. contract manufacturer specializing in contract assembly of electrical control panels, water filtration systems and car wash equipment for commercial, OEM and Government clients. Our highly skilled professionals can design, engineer and produce the highest quality electrical panels for your application.
(918)542-4710, Fax: (918)542-4712, E-mail: Info@Adv-TecSystems.com Request a quote

AIMTRON CORPORATION - Palatine, IL - - Printed circuit design, assembly and support, prototype through high volume, quality management, domestic & international options with box build. Serving electronics based OEMs in the medical, green energy, military/Aerospace, commercial, consumer and ndustrial markets. Our customers reduce their unit cost, while improving their time to market for new products.
(630)372-7500, Fax: (630)372-7505, E-mail: info@aimtron.com Request a quote

ALTRONICS MANUFACTURING INC. - Hudson, NH - - Quick-turn prototypes to volume production electronic contract manufacturing services - Serving Massachusetts, New England and the US from our Hudson, NH ISO-9001:2000, lead-free/RoHS compliant facility. PCB and flex circuit assembly for commercial, military, medical and telecom applications. Integrated services include cables, backplanes, electro-mechanical assemblies, and full box-build chassis integration.
(603)577-8855, Fax: (603)577-8981, E-mail: Info@AltronicsMfg.com Request a quote

ASSEMBLY SOLUTIONS , INC. - Grand Prairie, TX - - ASI was founded in 1997 as a contract electronics manufacturer of custom wiring harness, cable and turnkey electronic assemblies. Our mission is to grow our business by helping our customers achieve their financial and strategic goals by providing the highest levels of quality and service at the best possible price.
(972)606-2101, Fax: (972)606-2103, E-mail: Mmolle@Assembly-Solutions-Inc.com Request a quote

C-T WIRE PREP, INC. - Cambridge, Ont., Canada - - Wire harnesses, cable assemblies, all manufactured to CSA UL specifications. High, medium, or low volume manufacturing and assembly of OEM panels and electro-mechanical products.
(519)622-3310, Fax: (519)622-9241, E-mail: WirePrep@ctWirePrep.com Request a quote

CIRCUIT AID - BALTIMORE, MD - - Providers of labor intensive electro-mechanical as well as conventional PCB assembly services, with domestic and offshore facilities. Please visit our website now or return later for a complete description of our PCB services.
(410)961-0020, Fax: (000)000-0000, E-mail: johanshaik@circuitaid.com Request a quote

CYPRESS INDUSTRIES - Austin, TX - - Custom cables and cable assemblies manufactured in our Austin TX and China factories. ISO 9001:2000 / UL certified for wiring harnesses and processed wire, manufactured to IPC-A-620. Automated stripping and crimping equipment from Schleuniger, Tyco, Molex and Eubanks allow us to process large amounts of cables to specifications with little labor required.
(866)844-6699, (512)637-2540, Fax: (512)637-2541, E-mail: info@cypressindustries.com Request a quote
TDE Vendor candidate: 10/GP

DISTRON CORPORATION - Attleboro Falls, MA - - Distron Corporation has been a New England leader in the electronics contract manufacturing industry since 1970. The company employs over 100 people and we are privately owned and financially secure. Distron specializes in SMT PCB and flex circuit assembly, electromechanical assembly, turnkey and consignment, prototype thru production, ISO9001/ ISO13485.
(508)695-8786, (508)643-4505, E-mail: sales@distron.com Request a quote
Read our latest new product release:
Distron Corporation Breaks Ground ~ Expands MA Electronic Assembly Facility

TDE Vendor candidate: 4/14/11/GP

GENERAL ASSEMBLY CORPORATION - West Jefferson, NC - - Electro-mechanical assembly including surface mount and through hole PCB assembly - High mix/low volume and high volume/low mix - Complete box build and fulfillment services in our North Carolina and "OFFSHORE PARTNER PLANTS in Thailand and China.
(336)246-5143, Fax: (336)246-6030, E-mail: Info@GACnc.com Request a quote

HI-TECH ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS & MFG., INC. - Oglesby, IL - - High quality electro-mechanical assembly, PCB assembly including SMT, through-hole, and mixed technology. Complete assembly from prototype to complete turnkey production of your electromechanicals and electronics, with both lead and lead-free PCBs. Our state-of-the-art facility houses the latest in technology and equipment for all your short run or long run requirements.
(815)220-1543, Fax: (815)410-2050, E-mail: sales@hitech5.com Request a quote

IOS - INTERNATIONAL OUTSOURCING SERVICES - Mexico / El Paso, TX - - The services offered by IOS allow you to keep your options open when considering MANUFACTURING IN MEXICO. From component sourcing, fabrication, subassembly, logistics and distribution support or turnkey, end-to-end solutions, we have the answer to your electro-mechanical assembly needs. - Hard goods, soft goods, electronics, OEM subcontracts and more.
(800)581-6237 ext.103, (915)581-6237 ext.103, Fax: (915)584-7990, E-mail: krosenlund@IOSnet.com Request a quote

JEWELL INSTRUMENTS - Manchester, NH - - Offering partnership manufacturing for electro-mechanical assemblies and products as well as thru-hole and surface mount circuit boards. Jewell Instruments has its own offshore facility in Barbados and is extremely cost competitive. Providing total turnkey manufacturing to help reduce your costs.
(800)638-3771, (603)669-6400, Fax: (603)669-5962, E-mail: Sales@JewellInstruments.com Request a quote

JRE / CONCEPT 2 MARKET, INC. - Pompano Beach, FL - - Many of today's projects require a combination of electronics and electro-mechanical technologies. JRE routinely develops processes to efficiently assembly boards with mixed through-hole, SMT, and electro-mechanicals. If you can design it, we can build it! IPC 610A class 2, and class 3/military.
(954)974-0022, Fax: (954)974-0828, E-mail: Info@JREsouth.com Request a quote

MID-SOUTH INDUSTRIES, INC. (MSI) - Gadsden, AL - - Custom electronic contract manufacturing and electro-mechanical assembly. Core competencies in tools, dies, molds, plastic injection molding, metal stampings (welding and powder coating) and sub-assemblies.
(800)223-5059, Fax: (256)494-1308, E-mail: Sales@MSI-Mfg.com Request a quote

POWERSONIC INDUSTRIES, INC. - Brampton, Ont., Canada - - Any type of wire/cable harness assembly and electro-mechanical assembly - No minimum, low and high volume. CSA, UL and ISO-9001 certified.
(877)956-6399, Fax: (905)456-6450, E-mail: Info@Powersonic.net Request a quote

RDR ASSEMBLY LLC - H. Caborca, Sonora, México - - Our low cost electronic and electro-mechanical assembly operation in Mexico can respond quickly and provide you with an excellent outsourcing option to increase your profits. Kits, secondary work, gluing, repacking of most any labor intensive task.
(011)52-637-372-1560, (011)52-637-372-1561, (011)52-637-372-5861, Cell: (011)52-637-377-0205, E-mail: Oricardo@RDRassembly.com Request a quote

STACI LC - Ft. Lauderdale, FL & Dongguan, China - - Manufacturers of custom and proprietary components for the electronics industry, including complete outsourced PCB assembly and electro-mechanical assembly services. Competitively priced rubber keypads - heat sinks, stamped & extruded - sheet metal products - backplanes - injection molded plastics - Other custom electrical and electro-mechanical products. Multiple world-class manufacturing facilities, ISO certified.
(954)623-3100, Fax: (954)623-3122, E-mail: tomm@stacicorp.com Request a quote

TRICEL TECH, INC. - Boca Raton, FL - - Electro-mechanical assembly offshore. Providing agency approvals, value engineering services and low minimum order quantities. Our strategic location assures efficient logistics and cost competitive pricing. U.S. sales offices assures open communication.
(561)487-7362, Fax: (561)807-5964, E-mail: Info@TricelTech.com Request a quote

VOTRONICS, INC. - Plano, TX - - Contract manufacturers, specializing in turnkey solutions for the technology indstry. Our services include printed circuit assembly, flex circuit assembly, cable assembly and other electro-mechanical asembly, and systems integration. We are very competitively priced, our quality and service are impeccable. Offering 24-Hour turns, our standard lead-time is 5 days.
(972)509-8494, (972)509-8490, E-mail: Info@VotronIcsinc.com Request a quote .....

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