Capital equipment used in the assembly and production of electronic equipment,
especially equipment used for through-hole and surface mount technology / SMT assembly

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RECON.inc - Pre-Owned PCB Assembly Equipment - SMT/PTH
SMT & PTH Assembly Equipment - Flexible SMT Mounters - Chipshooters - Parts Feeders - Screen Printers - AOI Equipment - Adhesive Dispensers - PCB Cleaners - Reflow Ovens - Wave Solder - Installations - Training -Support & Maintenance Contracts - Click Here to Enter or Call (704)795-6610 . . .
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A C TECH - Minnesota City, MN - - We buy, sell, rebuild and service equipment for the electronic assembly industry. If you are in the market for previously owned surface mount equipment, insertion machines, wave soldering, water washes, board transfer equipment, component prep, screen printers, feeders and full equipment line, please give us a call.
(507)453-9733, Fax: (507)453-9729, E-mail: inquiry@a-c-tech.com Request a quote ..... ..

ADVANCED AUTOMATION, LLC - Binghamton, NY - - Quality pre owned PTH and SMT assembly equipment. We sell and purchase world wide. Our company can handle most major OEMs' equipment. View videos of some of our latest acquisitions. Custom applications for your odd form needs at an affordable price. Bring us your problem and we’ll solve it.
(607)772-2900, Fax: (607)772-2303, E-mail: Info@AdvancedA.com Request a quote

AUTOMATED PRODUCTION SYSTEMS, INC. (APS) - Huntingdon Valley, PA - - Manufacturers of low to medium volume SMT assembly equipment including manual and auto stencil printers, manual and auto pick and place machines and reflow ovens: inline and benchtop. The standard for low volume surface mount assembly in over 20 countries. APS also manufactures component counters and component lead forming equipment.
(215)938-1000, Fax: (215)938-8480, E-mail: Info@APSgold.com Request a quote

BOTTOM LINE MANAGEMENT - Manchester, NH - - Providing capital equipment solutions for the PCB/SMT and Thru-hole industries. We help companies looking to liquidate or add equipment with smart, ROI-driven assembly equipment solutions. Contact us today to learn how we can help you . . .
(603)623-4978, Fax: (603)218-6266, E-mail: Info@BottomLineManagement.com Request a quote

CAB TECHNOLOGY, INC. - Westford, Md - - PCB Production Tools, Depanelizers, Storage Racks & Magazines. Latest product is a PCB Magazine which incorporates a belt-driven precision spindle system that allows for quick and easy setup to PCB width as well as guarantee parallelism of the side panels.
(978)392-3459, Fax: (978)392-3601, E-mail: info@cabtechn.com Request a quote

CHOICE EQUIPMENT, INC. - Longwood, FL - - Providers of used SMT and Thru-hole equipment to the electronic manufacturing industry. Please call us for a complete stock inventory list or allow us to locate the equipment you need.
(407)330-2700, Fax: (407)330-2772, E-mail: JillAtChoice@aol.com Request a quote

CREATIVE AUTOMATION COMPANY - Sun Valley, CA - - Providing automated systems for the application of adhesives, solder pastes and sealants. Accurately dispensing epoxies down to ˝ Nanoliter, our cost effective, innovative designs lead the industry. If volumetric accuracy is required, if high speed dispensing is a must, Creative Automation Company is the products and the solution.
(800)688-6220, Fax: (818)767-1243, E-mail: Sales@CreativeDispensing.com Request a quote ....

ECD, INC. - Milwaukie, OR - - TEMPERATURE PROFILING - Complete solutions based on world standard MOLE Temperature Profiling tehnology for the monitoring and management of the electronics soldering process and, with ovenRIDER and WaveRIDER, the equipment being used. Products can now control and manage this process as well as monitor it using Xpert-2 or the OvenWATCH system.
(800)323-4548, (503)659-6100, Fax: (503)659-4422, E-mail: ecd@ecd.com Request a quote

ELITE CIRCUIT EQUIPMENT - Garden Grove, CA - - Manufacturer of Precision Manual and Semiautomatic STENCIL PRINTERS for contract, prototype, and low-to-medium volume production of standard and fine pitch boards. Since 1979, Elite printers have featured rugged durability, precise repeatability and outstanding value. UniTool Universal Tooling System speeds up Double-Sided board setup.
(800)Elite43, (714)895-1911, Fax: (714)898-4584, E-mail: kelleyk2@aol.com Request a quote

ESSEMTEC USA, LLC. - Glassbor, NJ - - Complete range of SMT electronic production & assembly equipment for low to mid volume production runs and prototypes. SMT Pick & Place - reflow ovens - board handling systems - solder paste printers - solder paste & adhesive dispensing systems.
(856)218-1131, Fax: (856)218-1134, E-mail: Sales@essemtec-usa.com Request a quote .....

eTECH SUPPLY - Concord, NC - - Hakko soldering tips & nozzles, hot air rework systems, Meiji inspection microsopes, rework stations & accessories, SMT pick & lace equipment feeders, AIM solders, Botron ESD products, CHP handtools & cutters, and much more. Click now to visit our online store front for all the products needed in printed circuit board assembly and repair.
(888)315-0115, Fax: (704)723-6540, E-mail: Sales@etechsupply.com Request a quote

ETTACO, INC. - Tempe, AZ - - We buy and sell electronic assembly equipment used to automate surface mount and thru-hole production. We also handle other related equipment used by OEM and CMS manufacturers. See our website for current listings or contact us directly with your specific needs. Other services include machine support, rebuilding and spare parts.
(480)961-5168, Fax: (480)961-5169, E-mail: Equipment@Ettaco.com Request a quote

FKN SYSTEK, INC. - Framingham MA - - Full range of PCB depanelizers and accessories, from circular blade systems for pre-scored panels to routers and punches for tab routed panels. FKN Systek can provide the most effective, economical, safe and easy to use depaneling PCB solution.
(508)935 2282, Fax: (508)935-2286, E-mail: FKN@FKNsystek.com Request a quote 09/GP

GOFORTH COMPANY - West Palm Beach, FL - - Used electronic production equipment, pick and place, reflow ovens, solder paste printers, AOI, Test, feeders, Dispensing equipment & supplies, and more!
(561)310-1076, Fax: (000)000-0000, E-mail: Ron@goforthcompany.com Request a quote 10/GP

HEPCO, INC. - Sunnyvale, CA - - Designers and manufacturers of component lead formers, PCB depanelers, BGA re-balling equipment, RoHS/WEEE compliance analyzers and more! Please visit our website now and return to this page later for a complete description of our products.
(408)738-1880, Fax: (408)732-4456, E-mail: Info@HepcoBlue.com Request a quote

HI TECH SOURCES. - San Diego, CA - - Established leader in supply and support of quality refurbished used electronic assembly machinery since 1979. Save a great deal on the purchase of SMT and PTH assembly equipment - Our equipment inventory includes products from Assembleon Philips, Asymtek, Camalot, DEK, Electrovert, Fuji, Juki/Zevatech, MPM, Universal Instruments,etc.
(858)689-0333, Fax: (858)689-0347, E-mail: Sales@Hi-TechSources.com, Inventory Page: Click to view complete inventory. Request a quote

IBE SMT EQUIPMENT - Magnolia, TX - - Your source for reconditioned SMT Equipment. Our inventory includes Fuji, Panasonic, Universal, Siemens, DEK, Ekra, MPM, Electrovert, BTU and Philips SMT equipment. View our complete up-to-date inventory online for reconditioned screen printers, chip shooters, reflow ovens, conveyors, SMT feeders and spare parts.
(800)353-6942, (281)259-9660, Fax: (281)259-8863, E-mail: Sales@IBEsmt.com Request a quote

JBC TOOLS USA INC. - Saint Louis, MO - - A pioneer in manual SOLDERING, DESOLDERING and REWORK is introducing its advanced series line to the U.S. market following its popularity within the European and Asian electronics industry. This revolutionary line offers a unique heating system, ensuring excellent recovery, featuring extended tip life and higher productivity at a lower cost of ownership. Call us.
(866)429-5753, Fax: (866)429-5754, E-mail: Info@JBCtools.com Request a quote

J.R. DEVICES - Rockwall, TX - - Dealer/broker - We buy and sell electronic assembly equipment used to automate surface mount and through hole production. Please return for a complete description of our preowned SMT and thru hole assembly equipment.
(214)392-5896, Fax: (000)000-0000, E-mail: jrdevices@aol.com Request a quote 08/GP

LEWIS & CLARK, INC. - Nashua, NH - - Pre-owned Genrad, Terradyne, HP, Agilent ICT in-circuit test equipment. Pre-owned SMT component feeders & chip shooters for virtually all makes of assembly placement equipment. SMT pick & place systems, through-hole PCB assembly equipment, wave solder equipment, reflow ovens, AOI systems, screen printers. Installation, training, repairs, reconditioning and spare parts.
(603)594-4229, Fax: (603)594-0554, E-mail: Sales@Lewis-Clark.com Request a quote

LIEBIG INDUSTRIES - Wardenburg, Germany - - Used PCB Assembly machines - Dynapert, Universal, Royonic, DEK and UMG - Providing service and spare parts for Dynapert and Universal insertion machines - Reflow ovens, more.
49-4407-20025, Fax: 49-4407-20026, E-mail: Info@Fliebig.de Request a quote ....

MANNCORP - Huntingdon Valley, PA - - SMT equipment megastore: Stencil printers, pick & placers, reflow ovens, rework stations, cleaning systems, and everything else needed for surface mount & through-hole manufacturing. Website contains technical specs, product images, info, and pricing.
(800)Pik-Mann, (215)364-6100, Fax: (215)364-6110, E-mail: Sales@Manncorp.com
Request a quote

MICROSCREEN Div. / SYSCON - INT'L - South Bend, IN - - Laser cut & chemical etch STENCILS. Please return for product description, or click on the line below to read our latest News Releases.
OK INTERNATIONAL - Menlo Park, CA - - SOLDERING STATIONS & REWORK SYSTEMS: Please return for product description, or click on the line below to read our latest News Release.
OLAMEF / PEI - Carlsbad, CA - - Lead forming equipment for axial & radial, loose and taped components, transistors, ICs and special applications. Depanelers, component counters and scales, temperature profilers, more! We have been serving the electronics industry for over 13 years through a network of distributors and sales representatives.
(877)652-6336, (760)930-9206, Fax: (760)930-9273, E-mail: sales@olamefusa.com Request a quote

PBI DANSENSOR AMERICA - Glen Rock, NJ - - NITROGEN SOLDERING? Improve your quality and lower your cost with our latest SENSOR/CONTROLLER instruments.
(201)251-6490, Fax: (201)251-6491.

PCB UNLIMITED - Lake Oswego, OR - - Large selection of low to medium volume pick & place surface mount assembly equipment, stencil printers, wave solder machines, SMT reflow ovens and many other types of PCB SMT & through hole assembly equipment.
(503)387-5293, Fax: (503)636-4795, E-mail: support@pcbunlimited.com Request a quote

PETLOCK INCORPORATED - Vancouver, WA - - Buyers and resellers of used SMT & thru-hole assembly machinery - Pick & place, solder paste printers, board cleaning, wave soldering, wire processing, lead forming, more! See current inventory, specs and photos on our website now.
(360)906-8400, Fax: (360)906-8401, E-mail: Sales@Petlock.com Request a quote

PRO-CON TECHNOLOGIES, INC. - Livermore, CA - - Manufacturers and marketers of SMT / PCB Assembly equipment. We offer standard & lead free wave solder systems, lead free capable reflow ovens, solder fountains, tabletop mini waves, parts counters, tape and reel systems, conveyors and board handlers, tape & reel machines, more.
(925)606-0162, Fax: (925)294-9796, E-mail: Info@ProCon-Inc.com Request a quote ....

PRECISION PLACEMENT MACHINES - Fremont, NH - - PPM is a full service supplier of used and reconditioned automated PCB assembly equipment, specializing in through hole insertion equipment and surface mount placement machines. Click to see our current inventory of reflow ovens & waves, pick & place, screen printers, board handlers, parts feeders, dispensing systems, spare parts, more!
(603)895-5112, Fax: (603)895-5113, E-mail: PPM@GoPPM.com Request a quote

QUALITY MANUFACTURING SERVICES, INC. / QMSI - San Diego, CA - - Buyers, sellers, and brokers of new and pre-owned electronic assembly equipment. We have extensive knowledge of brands such as Dek, MPM, Panasonic, Fuji, Mydata, Juki, Samsung, Philips, Assemblion, Quad, Heller, Conceptronics, BTU, Vitronics, Ersa, and more. We serve contract manufacturers, OEMs, and dealer/brokers worldwide with their equipment requiremens and equipment consulting.
(888)454-4254, (858)653-6603, Fax: (888)454-4254, E-mail: qmsi@qmsi.com Request a quote ..... ...

R-1 SOURCE, INC. - San Diego, CA - - specializing in the sale of quality refurbished assembly and production equipment. We can supply your company with anything from a basic work station to an entire production line, from manufacturers that are leaders in the industry. We also liquidate assets that are no longer of use to you.
(858)693-1991, Fax: (858)693-8339, E-mail: Sales@R1Source.com Request a quote .....

RECON.inc - Concord, NC - - Stocking dealership of pre-owned SMT & PTH assembly equipment since 1997. Flexible SMT mounters - chipshooters - parts feeders - screen printers - AOI equipment - adhesive dispensers - PCB cleaners - reflow ovens - wave solder - PTH equipment - more... Providing installations, training, preventive maintenance contracts and emergency support. Recon, inc. sells and buys worldwide.
(704)795-6610, Fax: (704)723-6540, E-mail: Info@ReconSales.com - Click for current inventory: View our current inventory Request a quote

SMTmax - Corona, CA - - Learn how we can help you improve your techniques. We specialize in prototyping, mid-volume assembly, including stencil printers, pick and place machines,(auto or manual) reflow ovens, wave solder machines, conveyors, rework equipment, solder paste and much more. Get product specs and instant online pricing. Bilingual in Spanish and Chinese.
(909)498-4682, (909)498-4682, Fax: (951)582-9422, E-mail: jose@smtmax.com Request a quote 10/GP

SAN DIEGO EXCHANGE - San Marcos, CA - - Quality new & used electronic assembly supply network. Please call us for a complete stock inventory list or allow us to locate the equipment and material you need.
(760)809-5305, Fax: (760)471-4727, E-mail: Factory-Automation@Cox.net Request a quote

SKYCOM ELESMT, LTD - Vancouver BC, Canada - - Buyers & sellers of pre-owned SMT placement systems, chip shooters / chip mounters, component feeders, spare parts and nozzles. Current inventory includes equipment from Fuji, Siemens, Panasert, KME, JUKI, Sanyo, Yamaha, Philips, Hover-Davis and more! Quality machinery shipped worldwide with warranty.
(604)321-5369, Fax: (604)321-5369, E-mail: SMTfeeder@hotmail.com Request a quote

SMT RESOURCE GROUP, LLC - Wake Forest, NC - - Mixed brands and models of SMT and through-hole PCB assembly equipment, both new and used. We offer an alternative to buying new equipment by providing value-added services to our customers which reduce the risk normally associated with buying used equipment. Installation, training, warranty, maintenance, leasing plans, and spare part support.
(800)580-8123, (919)554-3990, Fax: (928)447-7716, E-mail: Dave@SMTresource.com Request a quote .....

STARBOARD TECHNOLOGY - Melbourne, FL - - Full line production supply distributor, catering to the PCB assembly industry in the Southeast, primarily in Florida. We offer equipment and supplies such as workstations, seating, ESD control products, handtools, magnification microscopes, solder & desolder stations, solder (bar, wire, paste), production supplies, fluxes, cleaners, material handling, test equipment, and more.
(321)676-3711, Fax: (321)676-3171, E-mail: rubin@starboardtech.com Request a quote 09/GP

SUNBELT LESSORS, INC. - Richardson, TX - - Conisder LEASE FINANCING - An excellent alternative when budget restrictions stand in the way of placing much needed PCB assembly and test equipment on you floor. We'll arrange financing for new or used equipment and make the process simple, fast and cost effective. Application available on our website.
(800)588-5377, (972)644-0612, Fax: (972)644-6370, E-mail: Leasing@SunbeltLessors.com
Request a quote

TEKMART CORP. - Toronto, Canada - - Please return later to read a complete description of our PCB assembly equipment.
(416)385-1956, Fax: (416)385-0810, E-mail: Sales@TekMart.com Request a quote ..... ..

VIKING ELECTRONICS OF NEW ENGLAND, LLC - Nashua, NH - - Used SMT feeders, reflow ovens and screen printers. Our worldwide contacts provide us with the leading edge in the used SMT market, offering a variety of options for your used capital equipment needs. We also provide installation, training, and warranty, and can purchase, broker or consign your surplus SMT equipment.
(603)880-7355, (603)880-7579, E-mail: Sales@V-NE.com Request a quote .....

WAND ENTERPRISES - Wheeling, IL - - Wand Singulation Systems' PCB DEPANELING process operates at extremely high speeds, yet maintains accuracy, quality and consistency. Component failures caused by board flexing, twisting, warpage, and dust are eliminated.
(847)459-2401, Fax: (847)459-2121, E-mail: billy@wandtool.com Request a quote

WORLD EQUIPMENT SOURCE - San Diego, CA - - WES (owned by R-1 Source, Inc.), buys and sells all types of pre-owned and new electronic production equipment, test equipment, and components. Many clients have chosen WES as the sole source of their PCB production and test equipment. WES also sells and installs lead-free retrofit kits for wave solder machines.
(858)693-1991, Fax: (858)693-8339, E-mail: Sales@WEsource.com Request a quote

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