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HEPCO, INC. - Radial & Axial Lead Trimmers & Formers
Component Lead Formers & Trimmers - Axial Component Lead Formers - Radial Component Lead Formers - Loose & Taped Components - Transistors - ICs - Special Components - Click to Visit Our Website or Call (408)738-1880 . . .
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HEPCO, INC. - Sunnyvale, CA - - Designers and manufacturers of component lead formers, PCB depanelers, BGA re-balling equipment, RoHS/WEEE compliance analyzers and more! Please visit our website now and return to this page later for a complete description of our products.
(408)738-1880, Fax: (408)732-4456, E-mail: Info@HepcoBlue.com Request a quote

OLAMEF / PEI - Carlsbad, CA - - Lead forming equipment for axial & radial, loose and taped components, transistors, ICs and special applications. Depanelers, component counters and scales, temperature profilers, more! We have been serving the electronics industry for over 13 years through a network of distributors and sales representatives.
(877)652-6336, (760)930-9206, Fax: (760)930-9273, E-mail: sales@olamefusa.com Request a quote

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