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OAI - Optical Associates, Inc. - Mask Aligners / UV Exposure Systems
Precision Photoithography Equipment - Serving the Semiconductor - MEMS, and Compound Semiconductor Industries Worldwide - Mask Aligners - Back Side Mask Aligners - Automated Mask Aligners - Proximity Contact Mask Aligners - Table Top Mask Aligners - More . . . Click Here to Enter or Call 800-843-8259 . . . or 408-232-0600 . . .

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AXIC, INC. - Santa Clara, CA - - Axic produces and distributes front end semiconductor process equipment for Plasma processes including RIE, PECVD, ICP, etch and cleaning applications. A full range of metrology equipment is provided. Rapid thermal process equipment for annealing, oxidation, salidation, nitridation and MOCVD. A complete line of remanufactured etch and deposition equipment is provided.
(408)980-0240, Fax: (408)980-0524, E-mail: frank@axic.com Request a quote ..... .

BACHUR & ASSOCIATES - Santa Clara, CA - - A leading manufacturer of standard and custom-engineered UV lightsources and UV exposure systems as well as associated replacement components (mirrors, elliptical reflectors, arc lamps and powersuppliers) and subsystems (UV intensity meters) for the microelectronics, aerospace, biotech and chemical industries. Competitive prices, with delivery from stock to 8 weeks ARO.
(408)988-5861, Fax: (408)982-9513, E-mail: sales@bachur-n-associates.com Request a quote

COMDEL INC. - Gloucester, MA - - Manufacturers of RF and DC power supplies and process instruments used in semiconductor, thin film, flat panel, photovoltaics, industrial heating and other applications. Products include RF generators, auto-match impedance monitors, multi channel synthesizers and ESC power supplies. Broad frequency ranges, product and safety certification, product solutions and support worldwide. ISO 9001:2000.
(978)282-0620, (978)282-4980, Fax: (604)946-9983, E-mail: info@comdel.com Request a quote
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CAD DESIGN SERVICES, INC. / CDS - Santa Clara, CA - - Standard and custom electronic design automation solutions - 3D CAD and CAM software for physical layout, full 3D electrical and thermal model generation and manufacturing of all types of printed circuit boards, flex, RF/microwave, ceramic designs, LTCC and thick/thin Film, semiconductor packages including lead frames and gold wire bonding.
(408)436-1340, Fax: (408)436-1341, E-mail: hschiesser@cad-design.com Request a quote

CRITERIA LABS, INC. - Austin, TX - - Since 1998, the premier US-based partner for companies with demanding back-end semiconductor processes: test, package assembly, device qualifications, reliability/analytical engineering services and tape & reel. In addition, we offer the broadest range of engineering design services in North America. Lower your product cost while you reduce time to market.
(512)826-5766, Fax: (512)637-4750, E-mail: slozano@criterialabs.com Request a quote
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ELUME, INC. - Newbury Park, CA - - Semiconductor thin-film "short run" foundry, processing Silicon, Silicon carbide, Lithium niobate, quartz, glass, P(L)ZT, ceramics, (liquid soluble) sodium chloride 50-200mm wafers. Photolithography expose, develop, etch. KOH, HF, RIE, microblasting. Mask generation from GDS2. PVD sputtered coatings with interlayer (liftoff) patterning, <1µ to >1µ, for metals, ITO, oxides, etc. Wafer thinning <100µ, annealing to 1300°C.
(805)587-2214, Fax: (000)000-0000, E-mail: Sales@Elume.com Request a quote

FILMETRICS, INC. - San Diego, CA - - Affordable and easy-to-use instruments for measuring film thickness (30Ĺ to 13mm), index of refraction, and deposition rates. Wavelengths available from 200nm to 1700nm. Configurations available for tabletop, in-situ, and in-line applications. Instruments for the semiconductor market, from robust, ultra-fast patterned wafer measurements to automated thickness mapping of unpatterned wafer.
(858)573-9300, Fax: (858)573-9400, E-mail: Mailto_Fi@filmetrics.com Request a quote

GIO ENTERPRISES, INC. - Oceanside, CA - - Southern California rep organization, specializing in capital equipment related to back end semicoductor production from worldwide manufacturers. We cover industry OEM/CEM clients in a territorry which extends deep into Mexico.
(760)945-9034, Fax: (760)806-4654, E-mail: GioEnt@Cox.net Request a quote

GLOBAL MEKTRONICS, INC. - Phoenix, AZ - - Builders of standard & custom automated WAFER HANDLING MACHINES for the IC and PV solar industries. Our machines handle any size round and pseudo square wafers, specializing in thin wafers with our proprietary ‘no edge contact’ tool. Other handlers include: sorters, notch and flat aligners, readers and pod loaders and unloaders.
(602)243-4366, Fax: (602)218-5330, E-mail: Sales@GlobalMektronics.com Request a quote

JVK SERVICES, LLC - Coos Bay, OR - - Designers and manufacturers of new plasma systems that include PE, RIE and PECVD in our product line. We refurbish and upgrade existing systems: Plasma Therm, Matrix, Technics, Plasma Lab, etc. to name a few. We also build custom controls and machines to our clients' specifications.
(541)269-4651, Fax: (541)269-7390, E-mail: Sales@JVKservices.com Request a quote

JWN & ASSOCIATES, INC. - Acton, MA - - Sales, leasing, and repairs of WIRE BONDING EQUIPMENT from Hughes, Palomar, K&S - New and refurbished. Visit our website for current inventory and hot deals.
(978)263-6900, Fax: (978)263-6940, E-mail: John@JWN-Assoc.com Request a quote

KIMMON QUARTZ CO., LTD. - Azle, TX - - WAFER CLEANING systems - Our rapid recovery IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) vapor dryers will increase your yield by eliminating those water spots formed by the longer recovery times of competing products, a common source of contamination. - Also: Marangony dryers, DI water heaters, External torches, Quartz glass, Gas meters, Water Meters, HeCd Lasers.
(817)237-5782, Fax: (817)237-6250, E-mail: Sales@KimmonQuartz.com Request a quote

MICRO-VAC, INC. - Tucson, AZ - - Antistatic vacuum tubing helps control ESD problems naturally inherent in vacuum lines. Our cleanroom components, which accompany our ANTISTATIC VACUUM TUBING offer inventive ways to microclean at every workstation. Controlling ESD is a high priority and a major challenge in electronics manufacturing & assembly. Our products offer solutions in controlling ESD.
(800)729-1020, (520)750-1200, Fax: (520)750-0001, E-mail: microvac1@aol.com Request a quote

MPE, INC. - Greenville, TX - - We are the precision DICING & CORING company. We not only are a sub-contract dicing & coring company, but we also sell new and used dicing saws, parts and accessories used by the industry. Applications include semiconductors, MEMS, micro-optics, biochips, and other microelectronics. We have capabilities to handle material up to a 300mm / 12" diameter.
(877)673-3423 , (903)527-3790, Fax: (903)527-3740, E-mail: Sales@Micrope.com Request a quote ..... .

OAI - San Jose, Ca - - PRECISION LITHOGRAPHY EQUIPMENT - Serving the semiconductor, MEMS, and compound semiconductor industries worldwide. Mask aligners, back side mask aligners, automated mask aligners, proximity contact mask aligners, table top mask aligners, UV light sources, UV exposure systems, edgebead removal system, UV power meters, UV ozone surface treament systems, custom equipment and more!
(800)843-8259, (408)232-0600, Fax: (408)433-9904, E-mail: sales@oainet.com Request a quote

PALOMAR TECHNOLOGIES - Vista, CA - - WIRE BONDERS for singulated die or entire wafer and hybrid circuit interconnects. Laser diode optoelectronics wire bonders, automated systems for gold wire ball bumping and thermocompression bonding of flip chips. Palomar's gold connection process is a self-contained, lead-free process without additional off-line processing required to complete die connections to substrates.
(800)854-3467, (760)931-3440, Fax: (760)931-3444, E-mail: Sales@Bonders.com Request a quote

POLYTEC PI - Auburn, MA - - PI ultra-low inertia NanoPositioning solutions have helped leading companies in semicon, microscopy, telecom, photonics, data storage, machining and many other markets to achieve Nanometer Precision Faster. Visit our website and return later for a complete product description.
(508)832-3456, Fax: (508)832-0506, E-mail: Info@PolytecPI.com Request a quote

QUIK-PAK - San Diego, CA - - Quik-Pak reconfigures plastic IC packages for quick-turn assembly of prototype semiconductor die. Quik-Pak offers full-service IC packaging for low-volume applications. Quik-Pak is your source for open-cavity reconfiguration of plastic IC packages of any size, type or lead count - Wafer dicing, Quick-turn assembly in plastic or ceramic packages, and component marking.
(858)674-4676, Fax: (858)674-4681, E-mail: moreinfo@icproto.com Request a quote ..... .

SEMI-EQUIPMENT - Azle, TX - - dry cabinet, toyo living, dry cabinets, dry storage nitrogen, moisture sensitive, toyo dry cabinet, capacitance sensor, desiccant cabinet, desiccant for nitrogen, design situation, j-std-033a, MOISTURE SENSITIVE DEVICES, msds zeolite 5a, toyo electronic, toyo living auto dry, auto storage lax, acid and alkali handling gloves.
(817)237-5782, Fax: (817)237-6250, E-mail: Mehmetde@Hotmail.com Request a quote

SEMI TEST SOLUTIONS - San Jose, CA - - Semi Test Solutions Provides specialized test and measurement products, focusing on California's semiconductor, RF & Networking industry, mainly on the back-end of the semiconductor manufacturing process. The key areas are failure analysis, device characterization, QA, reliability, packaging test/assembly, burn-in, product engineering, sort, production/final test and ATE - Strong after-sale support.
(510)468-9769, Fax: (408)262-6699, E-mail: sales@semitestsolutions.com Request a quote
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ULTRASIL CORPORATION - Hayward, CA - - SILICON ON INSULATOR - SOI wafers thick film fusion bonding for MEMS, optical, semiconductor device, single or double side polished, ultraflat any thickness and orientation, 3" to 200 mm dia. device from 2 microns up. Polishing, bonding, thinning, down size on dia., oxidation, annealing. We produce silicon wafers for semiconductor applications also.
(510)266-3700, Fax: (510)266-3720, E-mail: Sales@Ultrasil.com Request a quote

WAFAB, INTERNATIONAL - Livermore, CA - - Designers and manufacturers of custom OEM equipment for wet processing of solar cells, LEDs, semiconductors (wafers) and other microelectronic devices. Products include fully automated wafer & solar cell processing equipment, stainless steel fume hoods, chemical handling systems and many other tools needed for chemical processing applications. Call to discuss your requirements.
(925)455-5252, Fax: (925)455-5351, E-mail: fgavin@wafabintl.com Request a quote

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