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MIRTEC - Desktop AOI - Automated Optical Inspection
Desktop AOI - Tabletop AOI - Inline AOI - Component Placement AOI - Solder Joint AOI - Pre & Post Reflow AOI - Simple Programming - Excellent Cost Performance - SPC Features Track, Eliminate Defects - OCR Part Number Verification - Enter Here or call (203)881-5559 . . .
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BRUNSWICK INSTRUMENT, LLC - Kiel, WI - - Manufacturer of dimensional inspection products, systems & engineering. High resolution gage amplifiers & comparators. Multiple input calculating gages. Linear gage probes, transducers & sensors. Data interfaces. Electronic gages for precision film / foil thickness inspection. DIALSINK & DI-ANGLE gages for countersinks, chamfers & tapered hole inspection. Custom gages & systems.
(920)894-1176, Fax: (920)894-1162, E-mail: info@brunswickinstrument.com Request a quote

DataNet QUALITY SYSTEMS - Southfield, MI - - Serving the technologies with manufacturing QC/QA SPC software which detects and corrects nonconformances, reduces variation, and continuously improves your products and processes. Delivering real-time statistical process & quality control software that allows manufacturers to improve product quality, reduce waste, and maximize profitability. Give our WinSPC software a free trial.
866-4WINSPC, (248)357-2200, Fax: (248)357-4933, E-mail: info@winspc.com Request a quote 09/GP

ELECTRIC DEVICE CORPORATION - Canfield, OH - - We design and manufacture a varity of quality control AUTOMATED TESTING and PRODUCTION systems for the following applications: Circuit breakers, contactors, GFI/ACFI, AC & DC motors, transformers, electronic assemblies, thermostats, mechanical assemblies, automatic screw driving equipment, truck transmission testers, automotive harness, more.
(800)533-5399, (330)533-1111, Fax: (330)533-2639, E-mail: Tim.Abbey@ElectricDevice.com Request a quote

ENGELMAIER ASSOCIATES, L.C. - Ormond Beach, FL - - Design For Reliability of solder joints, printed circuit boards and printed circuit assemblies. Accelerated reliability testing and data analysis. Failure root cause determination and developing solution options. Solder joint reliability is even more important now that for most electronic products, Pb-based solders are banned. Providing training workshops and litigation support.
(386)437-8747, Fax: (000)000-0000, E-mail: engelmaier@aol.com Request a quote 11/GP

GUBERMAN, PMC LLC - Stratford, CT - - ISO Registration services - ISO training, implementation and audits - ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485, ISO 17025, ISO14000, AS 9100, TS 16949 and more. Providing customer audit representation & consultation for aerospace, medical implants, industrial & printing materials, NADCAP and other quality management solutions. Let us assist you with your total quality management system.
(203)556-1493, Fax: (206)339-1098, E-Mail: DarylTQRS@Yahoo.com Request a quote

INNOVATIVE DATA COMMUNICATIONS - IDC - Cincinnati, OH - - IDC OPTICAL INSPECTION tools include solid object/multimedia projectors and our HandiScope™ handheld video microscope. The CONFERENCE PRO™ projects solid objects, transparencies, PC, video and x-rays have 4300 plus ANSI lumens brightness. The HandiScope™ allows microscopic images to be put directly on a projector, video monitor TV or computer for viewing.
(888)237-9883, (513)688-1351, Fax: (513)688-1361, E-mail: Reasley@Fuse.net Request a quote

INSTRON - Canton, MA - - Leading producer of testing instruments, systems, software and accessories designed to evaluate the physical properties of materials and components - Use Instron instruments for testing MECHANICAL PROPERTIES and performance of various components, materials and structures - Tensile, flexural, impact, structural, hardness, and fatigue.
(781)575-5000, Fax: (781)575-5751, E-mail: Info_News@Instron.com Request a quote

INTELLIGENT VISION SOLUTIONS - Sonora, CA - - High magnification, ergonomic VIDEO IMAGING INSPECTION systems for electronic assembly and quality control applications. Replacement of your current microscope workstations with stations that use a television monitor for viewing will reduce forward head tilt. Employees will no longer need to look through the microscope eye tubes.
(209)533-4783, Fax: (413)638-5799, E-mail: Sales@VisionNeeds.com Request a quote

ISOA, INC: - Richardson, TX - - ISOA's NetraVision, formerly marketed by Leica Microsytem, is a third generation component and paste PCB INSPECTION SYSTEM that was specifically designed with the goal of providing an inline quality inspection system that is easily programmed, highly repeatable, very fast and economical.
(972)907-2138, Fax: (972)907-2210, E-mail: Netra@ISOA-Vision.com Request a quote

L. GORDON PACKAGING - Timonium, MD - - ESD PROTECTIVE PACKAGING for handling, shipping and storage of electrostatic sensitive devices. Standard single and multiple unit carriers, coordinated boxes, biodegradable. Protection of flat and formed leads is our specialty. Custom adaptations easily made for atypical and custom package configurations. Serving the industry for over 20 years.
(410)308-2202, Fax: (410)308-2207, E-mail: lgordonpkg@erols.com Request a quote

LASER-VIEW TECHNOLOGIES, INC. - Lionville, PA - - Precision laser micrometers and laser DISPLACEMENT SENSOR SYSTEMS for diameter, distance, and thickness measurements. Displacement sensors with a variety of precision levels and measuring ranges as small a 10 mm and up to 100 meters! We can supply you with sensors, process software, and/or a complete integrated measurement system.
(610)497-8910, Fax: (206)338-4281, E-mail: Info@Laser-View.com Request a quote

MATRIX METROLOGY GROUP - Indialantic, FL - - Providing industrial & construction measurement services for the aerospace, automotive, energy, turbine alignment, manufacturing, construction and marine & shipbuilding industries - Laser tracking services, motorized total station EDMs, laser scanners, photogrammetry cameras and powerful metrology & CAD software for onsite inspections and precision machining and fixturing. All equipment & instruments also available for rental.
(321)626-3405, E-mail: mark@matrixmetrology.com Request a quote
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MICROSCOPE CENTRAL - Feasterville, PA - - Specializing in all aspects of microscopy applications ranging from basic monocular or stereozoom microscope configuration, to the integration of digital imaging, measuring, and automation into the optical inspection process. Also specializing in the service and cleaning of every microscope model and stocking the largest microscope repair inventory in the USA.
(215)925-2285, Fax: (215)925-8374, E-mail: Sales@microscopecentral.com Request a quote

MIRTEC, CORP. - Oxford, CT - - Desktop & inline AOI machines designed to automatically inspect for manufacturing defects, Pre and Post reflow. Superior fault coverage, excellent cost performance. Detects component presence/absence, polarity, miss alignment, insufficient solder, solder bridging and much more. Extremely simple to use standard SPC software package promotes continuous process and tracking.
(203)881-5559, Fax: (203)881-3322, E-mail: BKdamico@SBCglobal.net Request a quote

POYNTING PRODUCTS, INC. - Oak Park, IL - - Specializing in digital imaging solutions and OPTICAL INSPECTION development. Please return to read our product description.
(708)544-9188, Fax: (708)544-9131, E-mail: ppi@poynting.com Request a quote

PQ SYSTEMS - Miamisburg, OH - - For 22 years, PQ Systems, Inc. has been dedicated to helping customers continuously improve their organizations. We are a full service quality management firm offering a comprehensive network of products and services designed to help all industries improve quality and comply with standards.
(800)777-3020, (937)885-2255, Fax (937)885-2252, E-mail: bradp@pqsystems.com Request a quote ..... .

PROCESS SCIENCES, INC. (PSI) - Austin, TX - - Process engineering resource center and solutions - We provide outsourcing options that allow our customers to better focus themselves on ensuring quality with reliable and repeatable electronics manufacturing ASSEMBLY PROCESSES - Analyzing and testing for chemical and physical failures and contamination, and providing a wide array of training and consulting options.
(512)259-7070, Fax: (512)259-7073, E-mail: Info@process-sciences.com Request a quote

RF INDUSTRIES - San Diego, CA - - RFI's Quality Control Department offers value-added testing services, including electrical, hi-pot, pull/tensile and center contact retention testing.
(800)233-1728, (858)549-6340, Fax: (858)549-6349, E-mail: RFI@RFindustries.com Request a quote

ROVELL ENTERPRISES LTD. - Kanata, Ont., Canada - - A Quality Control program is effective only when employees follow through. Our CD-ROM TRAINING PROGRAMS really make a difference! Standardized training, standardized assessment, simplified administration - with CD-ROMs developed by the industry leader. Available cources: ESD Prevention, solder/rework, inventory practices, mechanical assembly, circuit card assembly, and component identification.
(613)599-9975, Fax: (613)599-6466, E-mail: rabell@rovell.com Request a quote

SCANTEK, INC. - Columbia, MD - - SOUND & VIBRATION specialists - Machine diagnostics, vibration severity, European Machinery Safety Directive, ISO 17025, sound and vibration instrumentation sales, service, calibration, and rental. Expert consulting services to our clients and customers.
(410)290-7726, Fax: (410)290-9167, E-mail: Info@ScantekInc.com Request a quote

SENTRY AIR SYSTEMS, INC. - Houston, TX - - AIR PURIFIERS for health and quality assurance. Control smoke, fumes, dust, particulates & contaminants generated during hand and automated soldering operations. Exclusive patented line of small, quiet, modular and economical air cleaners provide source capture utilizing a variety of hoods and snorkel devices as well as hepa and carbon filters.
(800)799-4609, (713)690-2153, Fax: (713)690-7872, E-mail: bryan@sentryair.com Request a quote

SMITHERS QUALITY ASSESSMENTS - Akron, OH - - - Quality and environmental management systems certification body - Serving large, medium and small clients in North America and Europe in several industrial, commercial, service and government business sectors. Accredited as an ISO certification body, providing auditing services for ISO 9001, AS 9100, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, SN 9001 and more!
(866)688-0134, Fax: (330)762-7447, E-mail: sqa@smithers.com Request a quote

SMPD - Surface Mount Product Development - Milpitas, CA - - ISO-9000 SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS and services for small to medium size companies that automate the recording of its quality and business related data. Information is recorded and maintained online using a local computer workstation or preferably a local area network (LAN), resulting in a paperless infrastructure within a company.
(408)942-1056, E-mail: RonRap@SMPD.com Request a quote

TANDEX TEST LABS, INC. - Irwindale, CA - - Testing services, laser marking and mil spec test for aerospace, defense and commercial semiconductors as well as electronic component processing and packaging, destructive physical analysis and failure analysis services. Counterfeit parts screening , nondestructive shock and vibration testing of your semiconductor products and die packaging of obsolete ICs and Transistors.
(800)729-8378, (626)962-7166, Fax: (626)960-6896, E-mail: Testing@TandexTestLabs.com Request a quote

TRIG-TEK, INC. - Anaheim, CA- - VIBRATION TEST INSTRUMENTS, Signal Conditioning, Portable Instrumentation, Airborne Instrumentation, Analyzers and Balancing, Vibration Control Systems, Vibration Monitors, Vibration Protectors, Tracking Instrumentation, Ratio Instrumentation, Filtering Instrumentation, Miscellaneous Instruments. Also, custom OEM instruments.
(714)956-3593, Fax: (714)956-0162, E-mail: sales@trig-tek.com Request a quote

VIEW ENGINEERING, INC. - Simi Valley, CA - - Video and laser-based dimensional measurement systems for your factory floor or your QC lab. Systems for electronics assembly, data storage, semiconductor, telecommunications, precision machining, medical, and aerospace applications. First article inspection and process control. Extensive CAD import capability. Contact VIEW today. See which high-throughput, precision metrology system is for you.
(805)578-5000, Fax: (805)578-5249, E-mail: Info1@ViewEng.com Request a quote

YESTech, INC. - San Clemente, CA - - YESTech provides cost effective inspection solutions for electronics manufacturers. Our AOI sytems are available with up to six top-down and side viewing high resolution color cameras to inspect for part presence/position, correct part, polarity, leads and solder. Our X-Ray systems are ideal for inspecting hidden solder joints on BGA devices.
(949)361-2714, Fax: (949)361-2724, E-mail: Sales@YESTechInc.com Request a quote

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