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Brunswick Instrument, Inc. Quality Control Instruments
Precision Dimensional Metrology Instruments - Inspection & Measurement Gages - Gaging Equipment - Dimensional Gages - Dimensional Gaging ~ Click Here to Enter or Call . . . 847-965-9191
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BRUNSWICK INSTRUMENT, LLC - Kiel, WI - - Manufacturer of dimensional inspection products, systems & engineering. High resolution gage amplifiers & comparators. Multiple input calculating gages. Linear gage probes, transducers & sensors. Data interfaces. Electronic gages for precision film / foil thickness inspection. DIALSINK & DI-ANGLE gages for countersinks, chamfers & tapered hole inspection. Custom gages & systems.
(920)894-1176, Fax: (920)894-1162, E-mail: info@brunswickinstrument.com Request a quote

DataNet QUALITY SYSTEMS - Southfield, MI - - Serving the technologies with manufacturing QC/QA SPC software and instruments to detect and correct nonconformances, reduce variation, and continuously improve your products and processes. Real-time SPC QC software allows manufacturers to improve product quality, reduce waste, and maximize profitability. See our instruments online and give our WinSPC software a free trial.
866-4WINSPC, (248)357-2200, Fax: (248)357-4933, E-mail: info@winspc.com Request a quote
TDE membership candidate: 7/14/09

MATRIX METROLOGY GROUP - Indialantic, FL - - Providing industrial & construction measurement services for the aerospace, automotive, energy, turbine alignment, manufacturing, construction and marine & shipbuilding industries - Laser tracking services, motorized total station EDMs, laser scanners, photogrammetry cameras and powerful metrology & CAD software for onsite inspections and precision machining and fixturing. All equipment & instruments also available for rental.
(321)626-3405, E-mail: mark@matrixmetrology.com Request a quote
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MICROSCOPE CENTRAL - Feasterville, PA - - Specializing in all aspects of microscopy applications ranging from basic monocular or stereozoom microscope configuration, to the integration of digital imaging, measuring, and automation into the optical inspection process. Also specializing in the service and cleaning of every microscope model and stocking the largest microscope repair inventory in the USA.
(215)925-2285, Fax: (215)925-8374, E-mail: Sales@microscopecentral.com Request a quote

SOLVETECH, INC. - Wilmington, DE - - A leader in the design and application of non-contact thickness/basis weight gauging systems for plastic films and other non-conductive materials, such as ceramics, non-wovens, and paper. Our products are avilable for both on-line and off-line lab use. Measurements are non-contacting, high precision, and offer a high speed of response.
(302)798-5400, E-mail: info@gauging.com Request a quote

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