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ELUME, INC. - Wafer Processing Facilities R&D - Low Volume Wafer Foundry - Silicon Wafers - Glass Wafers - Lithium Niobate Wafers - Sodium Cloride Wafers - Silicon Carbide Wafers - Ceramics - Photolithography - Spin Coatings - PR Glass - PI Silicone - Teflon - Lift Off - Thin Film Deposition - oxidation - Class 100/10 Cleanroom - Process/Device Modeling & Simulation - Click Here to Enter . . .

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ELUME, INC. - Newbury Park, CA - - California R&D and low volume microchip foundry, processing silicon, glass, lithium niobate, sodium cloride, silicon carbide, ceramics. Long experience with photolithography, spin coatings PR glass PI silicone, teflon, lift off, thin film deposition, oxidation, etc. All work performed in our Class 100/10 environment, with process/device modeling & simulation capabilities.
(805)587-2214, Fax: (818)780-3261, E-mail: Request a quote


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