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BACHUR & ASSOCIATES ~ UV Exposure Systems
Standard & Custom-engineered UV Lightsources - Exposure Systems - 75mm Diameter (or square) to 300mm Diameter and Larger - Radiation from the Near UV through the Deep UV Spectral Regions - Competitive Prices - Delivery: Stock to 8 Weeks ARO. . . . Click Here to Enter or Call . . . 408-988-5861 . . .

HASTEST SOLUTIONS, INC. - San Jose, CA - - Hastest Solutions is a leader in environmental test chamber technologies used in semiconductor testing applications. The range of products include HAST chambers, autoclaves, ovens, temperature only chambers, temp-humidity, temp cycling, vacuum chambers and more. Custom built walk-in chambers for testing HTOL/LTOL, burn-in, 85/85, moisture sensitivity, etc.
(408)945 7861, Fax: (408)262-6699, E-mail: Request a quote

LEWIS BASS INTERNATIONAL, INC. - Milpitas, CA - - Lewis Bass International has extensive experience in electrical safety, mechanical safety, chemical exposure assessments, ventilation, noise, ionizing radiation, non-ionizing radiation, lasers, environmental impact assessments, and other areas of expertise required by the SEMI S2 Guidelines for semiconductor process tools for compliance to SEMI S2, SEMI S8, SEMI S10, SEMI S14, SEMI S22.
(408)942-8000, Fax: (408)957-9621, E-mail: Request a quote

NOVX CORPORATION - San Jose, CA - - Novx Corporation is the leading supplier of instrumentation and software for universal monitoring and control solutions in manufacturing and ESD sensitive work areas. Products and services include: ESC - EMI - RFI - CLEANROOM ENVIRONMENT MONITORS - remote product voltage sensor - operator and ground - ionization - tool - data acquisition - analysis, consulting and training services.
(408)998-5555, Fax: (408)998-1414, E-mail: Request a quote

SEMI TEST SOLUTIONS - San Jose, CA - - Semi Test Solutions Provides specialized test and measurement products, focusing on California's semiconductor, RF & Networking industry, mainly on the back-end of the semiconductor manufacturing process. The key areas are failure analysis, device characterization, QA, reliability, packaging test/assembly, burn-in, product engineering, sort, production/final test and ATE - Strong after-sale support.

(510)468-9769, Fax: (408)262-6699, E-mail: Request a quote
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TestCrafters, INC. - TEMPE, AZ - - TestCrafters CUSTOM FIXTURES for Agilent (HP3070), HP, Teradyne, GenRad, Zehntel, Factron, Schlumberger and many others. Programs for HP3070 and Teradyne. Custom adapters, receivers and chip testers. Functional systems using National Instruments cards and LabView. From simple to complex, through hole to SMD, fast turns and quality service - Free quotes.
(800)730-6567, (480)730-6595, Fax: (480)730-5392, E-mail: Request a quote


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