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MicroFab, Inc. - Thin Film Circuits / Laser Diode Sub-Mounts
Ion Beam Etching - Silicon Etching - Thin Film Products - Thick Film Products - Thick Film Substrates - Micromachining - Passive Microwave Components - Laser Diode Sub-Mounts - Gold Tin Deposition - Click Here to Enter, or Call (603)621-9522 . . .

2ND SOURCE, INC. - Hopewell Junction, NY - - Automated sputtering systems - We specialize in manufacturing, re-engineering and fully automating high vacuum thin film physical vapor deposition equipment using RF, DC and ion beam sputtering techniques. Our robust fully computer automated sputtering systems are state of the art and can be easily tailored to meet each customer's needs.
(845)226-8710, Fax: (845)226-8713, E-mail: Sales@SecondSourceInc.com Request a quote ..... ..

ACI ALLOYS, INC. - San Jose, CA - - Manufacturers of sputtering targets, evaporation sources, and specialty materials and shapes for thin-film or related applications. Our processes include vacuum-arc melting on cold-copper hearths, which minimize contamination and results in a high-purity product, whether it is a pure metal or a custom alloy. This process also maximizes uniformity and homogeneity of the alloy.
(408)259-7337, Fax: (408)729-0277, E-mail: rfq@acialloys.com.com Request a quote ..... ..

ADVANCED INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGY, LLC - San Diego, CA - - Providing thin film deposition, back-end wafer processing, micro assembly and fabrication services. Prototyping and small to medium builds are our specialty. Offering services to perform physical vapor depositions, more specifically, E-Beam evaporation and sputtering. We manufacture your product at a reasonable cost, meeting exacting standards of quality within your timeframe.
(858)566-2945, E-mail: info@aitechnology-usa.com Request a quote ..... ..

AJA INTERNATIONAL, INC. - North Scituate, MA - - Physical vapor deposition (PVD) tools including the compact ATC ORION Series Sputtering Systems, ATC-E and ATC ORION-E Evaporation Systems, and the popular Stiletto Series HV sputter sources. Our innovative design solutions are often copied but never equaled as the company truly remains the cutting edge in thin film technology sputtering systems.
(781)545-7365, Fax: (781)545-4105, E-mail: topgun@ajaint.com Request a quote ..... ..

ANGSTROM SCIENCES - Duquesne, PA - - High performance magnetron sputtering sources and materials for R&D and production applications. Patented technology provides the unique combination of high target utilization and deposition rates with uncompromised film quality. Circular magnetrons, linear magnetrons, rectangular magnetrons, custom magnetrons, retrofits, and process optimization. Designed into every magnetron is the Angstrom Advantage.
(412)469-8466, Fax: (412)469-8511, E-mail: Info@AngstromSciences.com Request a quote ..... ..

AVIZA TECHNOLOGY, INC. - Scotts Valley, CA - - Semiconductor equipment and process technologies, delivering superior process results coupled with high productivity and low-cost manufacturing capability for the global semiconductor and related markets. Addressing critical thin film formation technologies, including atomic layer deposition (ALD), physical vapor deposition (PVD), chemical vapor deposition (CVD), plasma etch and thermal processing systems.
(972)342-4994, Fax: (817)424-5500, E-mail: northamerica.sales@avizatechnology.com Request a quote ..... ..

BOC EDWARDS - Wilmington, MA - - World leader in the supply of metallization systems for the processing of gallium arsenide (GaAs), indium phosphide (InP) and other compound semiconductor based wafers. Today the world's most sophisticated optical, wireless and telecommunication systems rely on millions of devices that are made using our deposition systems and components.
(800)848 9800, (978)658-5410, Fax: (978)657-6546, E-mail: info@bocedwards.com Request a quote ..... ..

FILMETRICS, INC. - San Diego, CA - - Affordable and easy-to-use instruments for measuring film thickness (30 to 13mm), index of refraction, and deposition rates. Wavelengths available from 200nm to 1700nm. Configurations available for tabletop, in-situ, and in-line applications. Instruments for the semiconductor market, from robust, ultra-fast patterned wafer measurements to automated thickness mapping of unpatterned wafer.
(858)573-9300, Fax: (858)573-9400, E-mail: Mailto_Fi@filmetrics.com Request a quote

INNOVATIVE SYSTEMS ENGINEERING - Warminster, PA - - The premiere provider of vacuum veposition equipment. ISE standard equipment line includes sputtering systems, evaporators, plasma deposition and etch systems, CVD systems and the Stokes metalizer line (formerly the Stokes Vacuum Metallizer line). ISE also provides custom equipment to your specifications and system refurbishment for all makes.
(877)866-9399, (215)355-5394, Fax: (215)355-5396, E-mail: sales@iseonline.com Request a quote ..... ..

MICROFAB, INC. - Manchester, NH - - Specializing in custom thin film circuits, laser diode sub-mounts and micro-machining for infrared, optics, microwave and millimeter wave applications. These devices are produced using Alumina, Fused Quartz, Aluminum Nitride (AlN), Beryllium Oxide (BeO) and other substrate materials. Serving the commercial, industrial, military, and satellite industries since 1999.
(603)621-9522, Fax: (603)621-9524, E-mail: microfab98@aol.com Request a quote ..... ...

PVD PRODUCTS, INC. - Wilmington, MA - - PVD Products, Inc. manufactures thin film deposition systems based on pulsed laser deposition, sputtering, and evaporation. Welcome to PVD Products!
(978)694-9455, Fax: (978)694-9477, E-mail: contact@pvdproducts.com Request a quote
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SOLERAS, LTD. - Biddeford, ME - - Sputter targets, metallic bonding, original and enhanced Backing Plates and vacuum metalization related spare parts and consumables. Parts designed for superior performance under conditions of increased power, limited cooling, and adverse process performance from non-uniform target temperatures. Metalizer systems modified and upgraded at a fraction of the cost of a new system.
(207)282-5699, Fax: (207)284-6118, E-mail: solerasltd@soleras.com Request a quote ..... ..

SPECS SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS, INC. - Sarasota, FL - - Manufacturer and distributors of surface analysis and thin film deposition components and systems for LT-STM, XPS, UPS, ISS, AES, SAM, SEM, LEED, EELS, ARUPS, ARXPS, PEEM, LEEM, SIMS and SNMS, MBE components, effusion cells, K-cells, RF-sources, plasma sources, accelerator components, and more.
(941)362-4877, Fax: (941)364-9706, E-mail: support@specs.com Request a quote ..... ..

SYSTEM CONTROL TECHNOLOGIES - Livermore, CA - - Designers and manufacturers of physical vapor deposition (PVD) thin film coating systems and components. Core technologies include thermal, and electron beam evaporation, RF/DC sputtering, ion plating, ion-beam sputtering, plasma deposition and ion-assisted (otherwise known as "IAD" or "IBAD") deposition. Applications include MEMS and nano-fabrication, photovoltaics, compound semiconductors, defense, and more.
(925)373-9730, Fax: (925)373-9574, E-mail: sales@systemcontroltechnologies.com Request a quote ..... ..

T-M VACUUM PRODUCTS, INC. - Cinnaminson, NJ - - Designers & manufacturers of high vacuum brazing furnaces, vacuum ovens, sintering furnaces, sputtering systems, vacuum heat treating furnaces, optical coating systems, medical vacuum furnaces, environmental chambers and thin film equipment. Our in-house engineering, fabrication, and manufacturing capabilities enable us to easily modify our sputtering systems to your own unique requirements.
(856)829-2000, FAX: (856)829-0990, E-mail: info@tmvacuum.com Request a quote ..... ..

TEGAL CORPORATION - - Petaluma, CA - - Tegal Corporation designs, manufactures, markets and services plasma etch and deposition systems that enable the production of IC memory and related microelectronics devices used in personal computers, wireless voice and data telecommunications, radio frequency identification devices (RFID), smart cards, data storage and nano-scale actuators.
(707)763-5600, FAX: (707)765-9311, E-mail: info@tegal.com Request a quote ..... ..

TORVAC, INC. - Golden Valley, MN - - Inline sputter deposition, E-beam evaporation, web coating, vacuum furnaces, Vacuum drying and surface analysis systems. Whether your application is a high throughput, inline production system or a single sample R&D system, Torvac can provide complete system solutions or the individual deposition components to add to your existing system.
(763)544-0888, Fax: (763)544-0101, E-mail: sales@torvac.com Request a quote ..... ..

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