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NOVX - Monitor. Analyze. Control... we can see what others can't!
Universal Monitoring and Control Solutions (Cleanrooms, Manufacturing, ESD sensitive work areas) Instrumentation and Software -- ESC - EMI - RFI - Process - Environment (Particle, Humidity, Temperture, Air Pressure, etc.) - Product Voltage - Operator and Ground - Ionization - Tool - Analysis, consulting and training . . . 408-998-5555
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ADVANCED TEST EQUIPMENT RENTALS - San Diego, CA - - Since 1981 Advanced Test Equipment has been offering rentals, sales, service & solutions with a wide variety of test & measurement equipment. GPTE, environmental, inspection, RFI/EMC, lightwave, antennas, data acquisition, network, lab analytical, dimensional, analyzers, power and more. Check our website for your unique and unusual equipment requirements.
(800)404-2832, Fax: (858)558-6570, E-mail: Sales@ATEcorp.com Request a quote ...........

A.H. SYSTEMS, INC. - Chatsworth, CA - - A.H. Systems manufactures a complete line of individually calibrated EMC test antennas, preamplifiers, current probes and low-loss high-frequency cables. We also provide tripods and accessories to complete your testing requirements and offer recalibration and rental services. Most products are stocked and available for next-day, on-time delivery.
(818)998-0223, Fax: (818)998-6892, E-mail: sales@ahsystems.com Request a quote
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CALIFORNIA INSTRUMENTS - San Diego, CA - - programmable AC and DC POWER SOURCES. AC sources from 800 VA to 135 kVA using state-of-the-art PWM switching technology. California Instrument's AC and DC power supplies are used worldwide in demanding production test and ATE applications. High power density and proven quality for all your AC and DC test requirements.
(858)677-9040, Fax: (858)677-0940, E-mail: Sales@CalInst.com
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DYNAMIC SOLUTIONS - Northridge, CA - - offering a wide range of VIBRATION TEST EQUIPMENT, including 100% air cooled electro-dynamic shakers, rated from 40 to 16,000 lbf. State-of-the-art “IGBT” switching amplifiers - slip-tables - fixtures - eead expanders - shock test equipment, and peripheral instrumentation, including control and data acquisition systems, accelerometers. Also sales of used/reconditioned test equipment.
(877)767-7077, (818)831-0832, Fax: (818)831-0842, E-mail: Sales@DynsolUSA.com
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DAYTRONIC CORPORATION - Dayton, OH - - Instruments and systems for advanced data acquisition and electronic testing. Signal conditioning modules, intelligent high performance panelmeters - Noise-free, drift-free measurement results for an exceptionally broad range of user and OEM applications. Specializing in real-world data integrity since 1954.
(800)668-4745, (937)293-2566, Fax: (937)293-2586, E-mail: Sales@Daytronic.com Request a quote

ELECTROLAB INC. - Cupertino, CA - - We buy, sell, and lease refurbished test and measurement equipment such as HP, TEK, ANR, Wiltron, TTC and many other well known names. Distributors of new test & measurement and ESD protection products from 3M, Muller, Simco / Richmond linizer, Instek, Protek & LG. Please visit our website for current inventory.
(408)257-2445, Fax: (408)257-6310, E-mail: Electrolb@Electrolab.com Request a quote

FOX METER, INC. - De Kalb, IL - - METERS to measure any test parameter with options to alarm, pass/fail, monitor and communicate via Serial Data. Whether you are product testing, veryfying or monitoring and displaying a product's performance, FOX has a full line of OEM instruments to satisfy your application - From low cost display to embedded processor designs.
(815)758-7000, Fax: (815)758-1640, E-mail: Sales@FoxMeter.com
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G&R LABS - Santa Clara, CA - - Designers and manufacturers of UV light intensity meters, meter probes, solar meters, and a wide line of related instruments. Offering also light meter calibration services for all existing UV light meters, regardless of the light meter manufacturer. Specializing in light measurements in the deep UV, UV, visible, and near infrared spectra.
(408)986-0377, Fax: (408)986-0416, E-mail: George@GRlabs.com Request a quote

HOYT ELECTRICAL INSTRUMENT WORKS, INC. - Penacook, NH - - 95 Year old manufacturer of PANEL METERS. Our new Digital/Analog Combo Meters elimnitate the need to choose! High brightness, bulb-less uniform meter scale lighting provides unmatched readability.
(603)753-6321, Fax: (603)753-9592, E-mail: info@hoytelectric.com
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INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS - Minford, OH - - Specializing in the development of AUTOMATED TESTING PLATFORMS for your OEM produdct or internal needs - Custom test hardware and software (Lab View, etc.) applications for calibration and testing, designed to acommodate your unique requirements - Complete product design engineering, contract manufacturing and model shop services are also available.
(740)820-3751, Fax: (740)820-5451, E-mail: sales@insolves.com Request a quote

INSTRON - Canton, MA - - Leading producer of testing instruments, systems, software and accessories designed to evaluate the physical properties of materials and components - Use Instron instruments for testing MECHANICAL PROPERTIES and performance of various components, materials and structures - Tensile, flexural, impact, structural, hardness, and fatigue.
(781)575-5000, Fax: (781)575-5751, E-mail: Info_News@Instron.com Request a quote

MANUFACTURING RESOURCE NETWORK, LLC - Akron, OH - - Providing technical & managerial personnel to manufacturing organizations who need short or medium term human resources to address project requirements. Core competencies include product design & development, CNC programming, machining & fabrication, tooling & fixturing, welding, induction heat treating, assembly processes, machinery safety, operations & supply chain management, CE marking for exports and more.
(216)212-5676, E-mail: gerry@mfgrn.com Request a quote

MATRIX METROLOGY GROUP - Indialantic, FL - - Providing industrial & construction measurement services for the aerospace, automotive, energy, turbine alignment, manufacturing, construction and marine & shipbuilding industries - Laser tracking services, motorized total station EDMs, laser scanners, photogrammetry cameras and powerful metrology & CAD software for onsite inspections and precision machining and fixturing. All equipment & instruments also available for rental.
(321)626-3405, E-mail: mark@matrixmetrology.com Request a quote
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NOVX CORPORATION - San Jose, CA - - Novx Corporation is the leading supplier of instrumentation and software for universal monitoring and control solutions in cleanrooms, manufacturing and ESD sensitive work areas. Products and services include: ESC - EMI - RFI - PROCESS ENVIRONMENT MONITORS - remote product voltage sensor - operator and ground - ionization - tool - data acquisition - analysis, consulting and training services.
(408)998-5555, Fax: (408)998-1414, E-mail: Kathy@NovxCorp.com Request a quote

OTEK CORPORATION - Tucson, AZ - - Since 1974, a technology leader with many patents and industry's first in Bargraphs, Transmitters (4-20mA & RF), Controllers, DPMs, Timers & Counters, from generic to Mil-spec! Our OEM products are in submarines, ships, factories, transportation, petrochemical, biomedical, avionics and aerospace applications. Latest products include Powerless Loop Powered controllers, Wireless (RF) Transceivers & Controllers.
(520)748-7900, Fax: (520)790-2808, E-mail: Sales@OtekCorp.com Request a quote

PANDER TRAINING AND COMPLIANCE SERVICES - Portersville, PA - - Providing occupational health and safety training and consulting for the oil & gas, construction and transportation industries. Regularly scheduling Safeland, OSHA 10, First Aid/CPR/AED classes and drug & alcohol programs in the Pittsburgh area while offering training and consulting services at your location in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and New York.
(724)636-5025, Fax: (724)649-0032, E-mail: rich@pandertcs.com Request a quote

SCANTEK, INC. - Columbia, MD - - SOUND METERS & INSTRUMENTS - Sales, rentals, and calibration laboratory - Testing for dB, FFT, ground vibration, hearing conservation, highway noise, HVAC acoustics, industrial noise, machine vibration, microphone calibration, NIST traceable, noise level, reverberation, signal analysis, sound power, traffic noise, vibration measurements. Expert consulting services to our clients and customers.
(410)290-7726, Fax: (410)290-9167, E-mail: Info@ScantekInc.com
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SHINKAWA ELECTRIC CO., LTD. - Chicago, IL - - Eddy Current DISPLACEMENT / VIBRATION MONITORS for the monitoring of moving objects made of any metal material. Complete line of eddy current instruments.
(312)527-1541, Fax: (312)527-9133, E-mail: tadd@msn.com
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STELLA BLUE ENGINEERING SOFTWARE - Yellville, AR - - A windows program for creating arbitrary waveform generator files in a variety of formats. Files may be written to a USB drive and uploaded to Rigol, Agilent, Tek or other AWGs, or included in C/C++ or sourced in Tcl. This Computed Arbirtrary Pattern Tool is free for download, but timelocked.
(870)204-2770, E-mail: email@captool.com Request a quote

TDL TECHNOLOGY, INC. - Las Cruces, NM - - AUDIO TEST EQUIPMENT including noise and arbitrary waveform generator, preamps, amplifiers, attenuators, peak-to-peak voltmeter and tunable lowpass and highpass filter. Visit our website to see products, prices and User Guides.
(505)382-3173, Fax: (505)382-8810, E-mail: TDL@Zianet.com
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TRIG-TEK, INC. - ANAHEIM, CA - - VIBRATION TEST INSTRUMENTS, Signal Conditioning, Portable Instrumentation, Airborne Instrumentation, Analyzers and Balancing, Vibration Control Systems, Vibration Monitors, Vibration Protectors, Tracking Instrumentation, Ratio Instrumentation, Filtering Instrumentation, Miscellaneous Instruments. Also, custom OEM instruments.
(714)956-3593, Fax: (714)956-0162, E-mail: sales@trig-tek.com
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VITREK CORPORATION - San Diego, CA - - Leading manufacturer of automated ELECTRICAL SAFETY test equipment for regulatory compliance verification. Testers include AC & DC hipot (dielectric withstand), insulation resistance measurement, ground bond testers, precision high voltage meters and high voltage scanning systems. Allso, test automation software and turnkey automated test solutions, complete with barcode capability.
(858)689-2755, Fax: (858)689-2760, E-mail: Info@Vitrek.com Request a quote

WK TEST - Kokomo, IN - - PCB FUNCTIONAL TEST systems - Standard & custom systems for End-of-Line testing of your assembled circuit boards. See why leading auto, electronic, computer and contract manufacturers have bought over 5,000 Wayne Kerr manufactured Defect, In-Circuit Test, Functional Board Test, and combinational systems.
(765)455-1900 , Fax: (765)455-1919, E-mail: steveduffy@wktest.com
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XiTRON TECHNOLOGIES - San Diego, CA - - Precision power testing and measuring equipment for industrial and consumer product development and manufacturing. Solutions include power analyzers, phase angle voltmeters, DC & temperature calibrators, ballast analyzers, ohmmeters, and more . Using the latest digital signal processing and circuitry, Xitron’s sophisticated technology gives companies the edge in design verification and product manufacturability.
(858)530-8099, Fax: (858)530-8077, E-mail: sales@xitrontech.com Request a quote ..... .

YOKOGAWA CORPORATION OF AMERICA - Newnan, GA - - The Yokogawa test equipment family includes digital multimeters, digital clamp-on meters, analog and digital insulation testers, single and multifunction calibrators, digital recording thermometers, clamp-on power meter analyzers, portable voltmeters, ammeters, frequency meters, power factor meters, wattmeters, transformers, shunts, wheatstone bridges, double bridges, standard resistors, variable resistors, and galvanometers.
(800)888-6400, Fax: (770)251-2088, E-mail: Chris.Costlow@US.Yokogawa.com Request a quote

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