Equipment, instruments, tools, materials and supplies used in
wire & cable harness assembly, inspection and repair

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Prem Magnetics, Inc. ~ Telephony / Coupling Transformers
Telephony Transformers - Coupling Transformers - Low Profile Coupling Transformers - Voice and Date Transformers - Wet Telephony Transformers - Dry Telephony Transformers - Hybrid Telephony Transformers - High Crosstalk Attenuation Telephony Transformers - International Telephony Transformers - Modem Telephony Transformers - Surface Mount Coupling Transformers - FCC/DOC Approved Coupling Transformers - UL Recognized Coupling Transformers - Click Now to Enter Our Telephony/Coupling Page - Or Call . . . 815-385-2700 . . .

A&M ELECTRONICS SUPPLY, INC. - El Paso, TX - - Contract manufacturing services, specializing in custom cables and wiring harness assemblies. Offering high quality manufacturing and fabrication capabilities, from custom design & prototyping to full scale production, wire marking & labeling, termination & connector assembly, and more. Serving OEM customers in the communications, network equipment, heavy equipment, military, industrial, transportation and aerospace industries.
(800)553-5087, E-mail: sales@anmelectonics.com Request a quote

ALL ELECTRONICS HARDWARE, INC. - Algonquin, IL - - Complete line of plastic fasteners and wire management products for the electronic/electrical marketplace. Broad selection of vinyl, nylon, and heat shrink terminals, cable clamps & clips, wire routing devices, spacers & standoffs, component insulators & end caps. Featuring a selection of basic to sophisticated wire processing tools and testers.
(800)778-7234 (847)658-1697, Fax: (847)658-4006, E-mail: sales@aehonline.com TDE membership candidate: 8/28/08/GP Request a quote

ALLIANCE ELECTRONICS - Hamden, CT - - Distribution of tooling for use in the manufacture of wire harness & cable assemblies. Supplying OEMs and ECMs who produce PCBs, cables assemblies, and higher level assemblies. Applicators, terminators, wire cutting machines, cut & strip systems, strip & crimp, hand crimping tools & dies, battery powered hand tools, pneumatic hand tools, more.
(203)281-4915, Fax: (203)281-4930, E-mail: Gbuteau@AllianceElectronics.com Request a quote

AMTI / American Manufacturing & Technologies, Inc. - Niles, IL - - --- Precision cutting machines for multi-conductor, flat ribbon cable, heat shrink tubing, insulation material, convoluted tubing, hose or wire. Complete line of thermal or Hot stamp mark and cut machines and a conveyorized ovens for heat shrink tubing, AMTI has the machine to improve efficiency and make the job easier.
(847)588-2280, Fax: (847)588-1920, E-mail: Thanlon@AMTI-products.com
TDE membership candidate: 8/28/08/GP Request a quote

CALIFORNIA FINE WIRE COMPANY - Grover Beach, CA - - California Fine Wire is here to offer you a variety of METAL & ALLOY WIRE products. Other wire manufacturers may be able to offer a few different kinds of wire, but California Fine Wire offers virtually any kind of wire you require, toghther with your specialty processing needs.
(805)489-5144, Fax: (805)489-5352, E-mail: mag@CalFineWire.com Request a quote

COASTEL CABLE TOOLS International, Inc. - Syracuse, NY - - Hand-held portable, battery powered, or optional AC/DC coaxial CABLE & WIRE STRIPPERS and high volume bench top production equipment. Coastel designs and manufactures affordable precision cable and wire strippers for the voice, video, data, signal, and other electronics industries.
(315)471-5361, Fax: (315)472-1765, E-mail: John@CoastelTools.com Request a quote

EXCELTA CORPORATION - Buellton CA - - Designers and producers of precision hand tools for electronic assembly, manufacturing wire processing, including advanced styles of tweezers, cutters, pliers, custom hand tools for unique applications, and brushes, probes, scissors, optics and vacuum pick-Up tools. - Sold through a worldwide network of distributors. Excelta Corporation offers OEM custom engineered precision hand tools.
(805)686-4686, Fax: (805)686-9005, E-mail: webmaster@excelta.com Request a quote
TDE Vendor candidate: 8/5/11/GP

HarnessIT - Westford, MA - - HarnessShop™ software streamlines WIRE HARNESS / CABLE job quoting, engineering and shop floor ducument processes. Automatic internet part search eliminates waiting during quoting! An easy-to-use drawing package combines with quote data to expedite the engineering process to automatically propduce custom shop floor documentation and drive wire processing machinery.
(978)392-9284, E-mail: Info@HarnessIT.com
Request a quote

HELLERMAN TYTON - Milwaukee, WI - - Full line of automatic CABLE TIE SOLUTIONS provide the speed and flexibility for your bundling requirements. Systems can be easily converted to hand held, bench mount and overhead configurations to match your changing production schemes. Variety of tools can apply 18-, 30-, and 50-pound cable ties for bundles to 3".
(800)822-4352, (414)355-1130, Fax: (414)355-7341 E-mail: Info@HTamericas.com Request a quote

HI TECH SOURCES. - San Diego, CA - - Established leader in supply and support of quality refurbished used electronic assembly machinery since 1979. Save a great deal on the purchase of SMT and PTH assembly equipment and on late model wire processing equipment. Call us with your equipment needs.
(858)689-0333, Fax: (858)689-0347, E-mail: Sales@Hi-TechSources.com, Inventory Page: Click to view complete inventory. Request a quote

JDV PRODUCTS, INC. - Fair Lawn, NJ - - Manufacturers of a complete line of wire wrapping tools such as pneumatic & electric wrap tools, wire wrapping bits and sleeves, cut and strip tools, unwrapping hand tools, CUT/STRIP/WRAP TOOLS, and accessories. Our semi-automatic wire wrapping machines interface with a PC, help prevent human errors.
(201)796-1720, Fax: (201)794-8876, E-mail: Mcrawn@JDVproducts.com Request a quote

KOMAX CORPORATION - Buffalo Grove, IL - - World leader in wire processing and automated assembly systems. Komax offers its customers a full product palette, ranging from cutting and stripping machines to complex, fully automated manufacture of wire harnesses. Komax expanded its activities in the areas of automated wire harness production and assembly automation during the past few years.
(888)465-6629, (847)537-6640, Fax: (847)537-5751, E-mail: sales@KomaxUSA.com Request a quote

MICROPLASTICS. - Flippin, AR - - Wiring accessories and CABLE TIES from the company which maintains an inventory of 250 million parts, quality and fast service. Tools and equipment for all your wire & cable tie requirements. We urge our customers to take advantage of our free sample offer. Call, fax, or write our customer service department for free samples.
(870)453-2261, Fax: (870)453-8676, E-mail: mpsales@microplastics.com Request a quote

MISSISSAUGA TRAINING CONSULTANTS - Mississauga, Ontario, Canada - - Large inventory of FIBER OPTIC TOOLS and materials for immediate shipment. Visit our web site or contact us for a free catalog.
(905)785-8012, Fax: (905)824-7504, E-mail: mrfiber@canada.com Request a quote

OLAMEF / PEI - Carlsbad, CA - - Lead forming equipment for axial & radial, loose and taped components, transistors, ICs and special applications. Depanelers, component counters and scales, temperature profilers, more! We have been serving the electronics industry for over 13 years through a network of distributors and sales representatives.
(877)652-6336, (760)930-9206, Fax: (760)930-9273, E-mail: sales@olamefusa.com Request a quote

PETLOCK INCORPORATED - Vancouver, WA - - Buyers and resellers of used SMT & thru-hole assembly machinery - Pick & place, solder paste printers, board cleaning, wave soldering, lead forming, wire processing products from Tri-Star, Cablescan, Eubanks, more! See current inventory, specs and photos on our website now.
(360)906-8400, Fax: (360)906-8401, E-mail: Sales@Petlock.com Request a quote

PLAS-TIES - Santa Ana, CA - - TWIST TIE MACHINES for bundling wire and cables. This semi-automatic machine delivers up to 30 ties per minute with minimal effort. Simply insert the bundle in front to trigger the tying mechanism and get a perfect twist tie. Ideal for telecommunication cables, aircraft and other wire & cable harness assemblies.
(800)854-0137, (714)542-4487, Fax: (714)972-2978, E-mail: Info@PlasTies.com ..... Request a quote

PRO-LINE - Haverhill, MA - - Leaders in modular electronic ASSEMBLY WORKSTATIONS, accessories, and seating products. Offering many diverse technologies to make your wire processing and assembly flow more smoothly, and maximize your use of ergonomic engineering in the process. Value and smart engineering are kindred spirits at Pro-Line.
(800)739-9067, (978)521-2600, Fax: (978)374-4885, E-mail: Bench@1ProLine.com
Request a quote

RAYCHEM / TYCO ELECTRONICS - Santa Ana, CA - - Wire it, seal it, bundle it, label it, protect it. Huge selection of highly engineered and cost-effective wire, cable and harnessing solutions. Heat shrink tubing, solder termination, laser engraved ID labeling, RFid, barcode and wire harnessing tools, machines and components from Tyco Electronics' Raychem and Madison Cable divisions.
(800)522-6752, (717)810-2690, Fax: (717)810-2861, E-mail: NewProducts@TycoElectronics.com Request a quote

RELIABLE PROCUREMENT - E. Lansdowne, PA - - Stocking distributors of a wide range of tools for your wire processing applications. Please visit our website now or return here later for a complete product listing.
(877) ReliPro(735-4776), (610)284-9605, Fax: (610)284-9607, E-mail: Info@ReliableProcurement.com Request a quote

RF INDUSTRIES - San Diego, CA - - RFI's Connectors Division will CUT and STRIP your coaxial cable to your specifications. We also offer a wide variety of adapter kits, technician tools and tool kits for cutting and stripping cable and crimping ferrules.
(800)233-1728, (858)549-6340, Fax: (858)549-6349, E-mail: RFI@RFindustries.com Request a quote

TRONEX TECHNOLOGY, INC. - Napa, CA - - Manufacturers of quality HAND TOOLS for wire and PCB assembly and repairs - Over 40 different types of precision hand cutting tools in carbon and alloy steel. The exceptional performance of Tronex cutters results directly from our carefully planned and controlled manufacturing operations in our Napa, CA.
(707)224-9880, Fax: (707)224-9886, E-mail: Arne@TronexTools.com
Request a quote

WIRESTRIPPERS.COM - Menifee Valley, CA - - Quality line of wire processing equipment - Wire cutting machines, thermal WIRE STRIPPERS, coaxial cable strippers, and programmable wire stripping machines that store pre-set strip lengths and wiregauges in memory for easy changeover and fast production. Our equipment is designed for quality and is priced at half that of competing products.
(800)490-8520, (909)301-8560, Fax: (909)679-4849, E-mail: WireStrippers@webtv.net Request a quote

ZIPTAPE LABEL ID SYSTEMS - Tempe, AZ - - Quality identification products manufactured in Arizona. Component and PCB labels in hi-temp polyimides, anti-static materials, chrome, white, and silver polyesters with void adhesives. Ziptape also specializes in the UV inhibiting laser printable labels for WIRE & CABLE ID. Plus manually applied systems such as wire marker books, cards and dispensers made of Tyvek(R) and Vinyl Coated Cloth.
(480)966-2999, Fax: (480)894-6255 , E-mail: Info@ziptape.com Request a quote

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