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AIRSLED, INC. ~ Innovative Load Movement
Standard & OEM Custom Air Film Products - Air Casters - Air Bearings - Air Pallets - Air Lifts - Glides - Dollies - Pads - Cushions - Click Here to Enter or Call 800-247-7533 . . . or . . . 302-292-8921

AIRFFLOAT systems - Decatur, IL - - Airfloat manufactures air bearings and ergonomic material handling solutions which move heavy industrial loads. We have been designing airbearing technology for material handling for over 40 years. Air bearings, or air casters use compressed air to glide industrial equipment over a cushion of air, providing a cost-effective alternative to overhead cranes.
(800)888-0018, (217)423-6001, Fax: (217)422-1049, E-mail: Request a quote

AIRSLED, INC. - Newark, DE - - Worldwide leader in low-pressure air film products also known as air casters, air bearings, air pallets, air lifts, glides, dollies, pads or cushions - Designed for lifting, moving and positioning a wide range of heavy or difficult loads including industrial machinery, appliances, refrigerators, furniture, vending machines, hospital & medical equipment, and more!
(800)247-7533 (302)292-8911, Fax: (302)292-8921, E-mail: Request a quote
TDE membership candidate: 4/2/09/GP

ASE SYSTEMS - Cypress, TX - - ASE provides ergonomic material handling solutions, air casters and bearings, vacuum lifters, workstation cranes, jib cranes, lift assist handling systems, air jacks, and repetitive lifting equipment. Cost effective material handling solutions that increase productivity and reduce worker injury in repetitive lifting and frequent motion activities found in the manufacturing environment.
(800)245-2163, Fax: (281)256-7451, E-mail: Request a quote

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