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eTECH SUPPLY - AIM Solder Distributors
AIM Lead Free Bar Solder - AIM No Clean Solder Paste - AIM Wire Solders - More . . . (866)612-7771 . . . or . . . (804)368-1630 . . .

AGI CORPORATION - Huntsville, AL - - AGI Manufactures SELECTIVE SOLDER PALLETS. Our lead-free process knowledge delivers designs with the largest process window possible, offering process recommendations for high throughput and yields. Feeder, pallet & stencil storage carts - SMT fixtures & custom tooling - skyhooks & board stiffeners for wave solder / reflow - wash baskets - press fit fixtures and more.
(256)858-3300, Fax: (256)858-3304, E-mail: Info@AGIcorp.com Request a quote

AIM - AMERICAN IRON & METAL CO. INC. Cranston, RI - - Leading global manufacturer of solder assembly materials including solder paste, liquid flux, bar, wire, prefoms, adhesives, cleaners, chemicals, plating anodes and indium- and gold-based specialty alloys. AIM is ISO9001 AND QS9000 certified with manufacturing, distribution and support facilities located throughout the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe.
(401)463-5605, Fax: (401)463-0203, E-mail: Info@AIMsolder.com Request a quote

ALTERNATIVE SOLUTIONS, INC. - Hudson, NH - - We now have an added value for our customers! Solder paste and supplies by "Qualitek", a leading solder paste manufacturer. An assortment of paste, bars and wires covers your every need. And if you are in the need to be RoHS compliant then you must try their GREEN paste!
(603)594-2450, Fax: (603)594-4068, E-mail: asi@alt-solutions-inc.com Request a quote

AUTOMATED LEARNING CORPORATION - Kanata, ON, Canada - - We offer a range of language variations for solder and rework training, including Lead-Free Soldering, with training in English, Spanish, French and German. Our Electronic Assembly courses include circuit card, mechanical assembly, through-hole, surface mount (SMT), and fine lead repair.
(613)599-9975, Fax: (613)599-6466, E-mail: Info@AutomatedLearning.com Request a quote

AVT - ADDED VALUE TECHNOLOGY, LLC - Bloomington, MN - - Please visit our website or return later for a description of our services.
(888)881-3365, (952)881-3365, Fax: (952)881-6235, E-mail: info@AddedValueTech.com Request a quote

ELLSWORTH ADHESIVES, INC. - Germantown, WI - - A solution oriented speciality chemical distributor of solders, adhesives, sealants, encapsulants, conformal coatings, tapes and the necessary dispensing equipment for all of these products. 15 stocking locations strategically located throughout the U.S. You will have every advantage in terms of price, delivery, and technical support when you purchase through Ellsworth Adhesives.
(800)888-0698, (262)253-8600, Fax: (262)253-8619, E-mail: Sales@Ellsworth.com Request a quote

EPTAC CORPORATION - Manchester, NH - - Since 1987, EPTAC Corporation has been providing the very latest in electronic production and solder training. Today we are the leading provider of TRAINING & CERTIFICATIONS for the electronics industry in such programs as IPC-A-610, J-STD-001, IPC-A-620, IPC-7711/21, IPC-A-600 and more. Custom programs available. Go lead-free with EPTAC.
(800)643-7822, (603)296-0887, Fax: (603)296-2377, E-mail: eptac@eptac.com Request a quote

eTECH SUPPLY - Concord, NC - - Complete line of AIM solders, rework stations & accessories, Hakko soldering tips & nozzles, hot air rework systems, Meiji inspection microsopes, Botron ESD products, CHP handtools & cutters, and much more. Click now to visit our online store front for all the products needed in printed circuit board assembly and repair.
(866)612-7771, (804)368-1630, Fax: (704)723-6540, E-mail: Sales@etechsupply.com Request a quote

HERAEUS CIRCUIT MATERIALS - W. Conshohocken, PA - - Our F620 state-of-the-art, lead free, no clean solder paste promotes wetting and minimizes soldering defects. The F620 flux system is specifically optimized for Sn/Ag/Cu and SnAg alloy soldering, providing exceptional print to print consistency, excellent wetting, 8 hour tack and work life, and very good print after wait performance.
(610)825-6050, Fax: (610)825-7061, E-mail: ckistler@4cmd.com Request a quote .....

INDIUM CORPORATION OF AMERICA - Utica, NYI - - A three-time Frost & Sullivan Award-winning supplier of electronics assembly materials, including solder pastes, solder preforms, fluxes, Pb-Free solder alloys, underfill materials, die-attach materials, and more. The company is also the world’s premiere supplier of indium metal. Factories in North America, Europe, and Asia. Founded in 1934. ISO 9001.
(315)853-4900, Fax: (315)853-1000, E-mail: AskUs@Indium.com Request a quote .....

INTERFLUX USA, INC. - Dallas, TX - - Manufacturers of high quality fluxes, solder, solder paste and related chemicals for the electronics industry. Specializing in No-Residue soldering. Interflux USA, Inc is ISO 9001 certified.
(800)843-3589, (214)350-5565, Fax: (214)350-9713, E-mail: IFusa@msn.com Request a quote

PURE TECHNOLOGIES - Tequesta, FL - - Producers of low (0.02, 0.01 cph/cm2), ultra-low (0.005, 0.002 cph/2) and super ultra-low (<0.001 cph/cm2) alpha emitting Tin (Sn), Lead (Pb) and virtually all alloys including Lead/Tin alloys and Lead-Free (including all SAC) alloys. Ingots, anodes, slugs, pellets, foil, rods, bricks, lead-monoxide powder, etc., available in all shapes and sizes, for wafer-level packaging, interconnects, and sphere and powder/paste manufacturing.
(-404)964-3791, Fax: (877)738-8263, E-mail: jerry@puretechnologies.com Request a quote 11/MA

PROCESS SCIENCES, INC. - Leander, TX - - Solder procedures - Training, consulting and analysis. Please return for complete description of our services.
(512)259-7070, Fax: (512)259-7073, E-mail: Info@Process-Sciences.com Request a quote

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