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MLT- Micron Laser Technology - PCB Routing
PCB Routing - Contouring - Microvia Drilling - Control Depth Skiving - Micro-machining - 20 Custom CO2, UV, and YAG Laser - .0005" accuracy - More ! Click Here to Enter or Call - 503-439-9000 . . .

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MICRON LASER TECHNOLOGY - Hillsboro, OR - - Micron Laser Technology provides subcontract laser processing services for the medical, aerospace, military, and electronics industries. The laser process applications include microvia drilling, routing, control depth skiving, and micro-machining. Capabilities include 20 custom CO2, UV, and YAG laser systems that provide a positional and dimensional accuracy of .0005".
(503)439-9000, Fax: (503)439-3365, E-mail: Sales@MicronLaser.com Request a quote
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