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IPS LIMITED - Shielding, Insulative, and Bonding Tapes
Electronics Industry Solutions for EMI/RFI Control - Thermal Management - High Voltage Insulation - Wire Processing - Acoustics - Vibration Control - Coating - ID - Masking - bonding - Work-Holding - Weather Resistance - Waterproofing - Custom OEM and More! Click Here to Enter or Call - USA: (800)225-0665, Int'l: (203)266-5314 . . .

IPS LIMITED - Bethlehem, CT - - Tape solution experts, stocking over 90 different material types in various widths, single & double-sided adhesive. Specializing in electronics industry applications in EMI/RFI control, thermal management, high voltage insulation, wire processing, acoustics, vibration control, coating, ID, masking, bonding, work-holding, weather resistance, waterproofing and more.
(800)225-0665, (203)266-5314, Fax: (203)266-7614, E-mail: Info@IPSlimited.com Request a quote

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