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OAI - Solar Simulators & Solar Testers
Precision Lithography Equipment - Serving the Semiconductor - MEMS, and Compound Semiconductor Industries Worldwide - Mask Aligners - Back Side Mask Aligners - Automated Mask Aligners - Proximity Contact Mask Aligners - Table Top Mask Aligners - More . . . Click Here to Enter or Call 800-843-8259 . . . or 408-232-0600

BACHUR & ASSOCIATES - Santa Clara, CA - - Broad line manufacturers of standard and custom-engineered UV Lightsources and Exposure Systems. Systems range from 75mm diameter (or square) to grater than 300mm diameter. These systems can be configured to produce radiation from the Near UV through the Deep UV spectral regions. Competitive prices, delivery typically Stock to 8 weeks ARO.
(408)988-5861, Fax: (408)988-2754, E-mail: Request a quote

COMDEL INC. - Gloucester, MA - - Manufacturers of RF and DC power supplies and process instruments used in semiconductor, thin film, flat panel, photovoltaics, industrial heating and other applications. Products include RF generators, auto-match impedance monitors, multi channel synthesizers and ESC power supplies. Broad frequency ranges, product and safety certification, product solutions and support worldwide. ISO 9001:2000.
(978)282-0620, (978)282-4980, Fax: (604)946-9983, E-mail: Request a quote 11/MA

OAI - San Jose, Ca - - Precision lithography equipment - Serving the semiconductor, MEMS, and compound semiconductor industries worldwide. MASK ALIGNERS, back side mask aligners, automated mask aligners, proximity contact mask aligners, table top mask aligners, UV light sources, UV exposure systems, edgebead removal system, UV power meters, UV ozone surface treament systems, custom equipment and more!
(800)843-8259, (408)232-0600, Fax: (408)433-9904, E-mail: Request a quote

WAFAB, INTERNATIONAL - Livermore, CA - - Designers and manufacturers of custom OEM equipment for wet processing of solar cells, LEDs, semiconductors (wafers) and other microelectronic devices. Products include fully automated wafer & solar cell processing equipment, stainless steel fume hoods, chemical handling systems and many other tools needed for chemical processing applications. Call to discuss your requirements.
(925)455-5252, Fax: (925)455-5351, E-mail: Request a quote 11/MA


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