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TÜV SÜD AMERICA Testing, Inspection & Certification Labs
U.S. & International Regulatory Compliance Testing & Certification - Environmental Testing Labs - Safety Testing Labs - EMC Testing Labs - Mil-Spec Testing Labs - APPLICATIONS: Military / Defense / Aerospace - Automotive Products - Consumer Products - Medical Devices - More! Click Here to Enter or Call . . . 800-TUV-0123

ADVANCED COMPLIANCE SOLUTIONS, INC. - Atlanta, GA - - ACS provides EMC, Product safety and environmental testing. The state-of-the-art facility employs a 3-meter semi-anechoic chamber, 3 & 10 meter OATS and a 10,000 square foot laboratory. Services include domestic and international regulatory approvals such as FCC, IC, CE Marking, R&TTE and specializing in worldwide wireless approvals.
(770)831-8048, Fax: (770)831-8598, E-mail: Request a quote

AERODYN ENGINEERING, INC. - Indianapolis, IN - - Full-service provider of engineered testing, instrumentation and measurement solutions. Extensive in-house lab facilities with precision high tolerance machining capacities. Your global supplier of innovative test and data acquisition technology, industry wide. As ROTATIONAL MEASUREMENT EXPERTS, we carry a comprehensive range of field test equipment and supplies.
(317)334-1523, Fax: (317)334-1548, E-mail: Request a quote

AMBER HELM DEVELOPMENT, LC - Sister Lakes, MI - - Awarded Industry Canada and FCC site approval. This allows testing at both 3 and 10 meters for FCC part 15 & 18 Section 2.948. The customer’s product can be FCC certified with Declaration of Conformity data provided by AHD. Emission, ESD & Surge - Full CE international testing with NVLAP accreditation.
(877)730-2433, (269)313-2433, Fax: (269)429-9016, E-mail: Request a quote ......

CHOMERICS TEST SERVICES - Woburn, MA - - Full service compliance testing to meet EMI/RFI Emissions Immunity, Susceptibility and Safety Requirements for Commercial, Military and Government electronics. We'll conduct verification testing on your unit's compatibility with an entire system, or assess the need for a shielding or safety retrofit for existing equipment.
(781)939-4163, Fax: (718)938-0956, E-mail:
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CKC LABORATORIES, INC. - Mariposa, CA - - Electrical safety testing, certification evaluation of Information Technology (ITE), Telephone Terminal Equipment (TTE) and Test, Measurement, Laboratory equipment. We can also provide agency reporting and liaison services for Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Canadian Standards Association (CSA), TUV Rheinland and others.
(209)966-5240, Fax: (866)779-9776, E-mail: Request a quote

EURO CONSULT - Manchester, MA - - Providing equipment & device OEMs with European engineering expertise, design reviews, staff education, in-house training, CE marking and approvals. Specialists in PRODUCT SAFETY and EMC consulting and testing for medical, laboratory and industrial product areas. EUROCONSULT is the US representative of a notified body and ISO 9000 registrar.
(978)526-1687, (978)526-7118, E-mail:
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GREEN MOUNTAIN ELECTROMAGNETICS - Middlebury, VT - - EMC and product safety test laboratory that tests electronic products for compliance with CE, FCC, and military standards. Radiated emissions testing is done on the open area test site. The EMC laboratory has ESD, magnetic, and radiated immunity capabilities. Electrical testing for fast transients, surges, RF noise, and voltage variations.
(802)388-3390, FaxL (802)388-6279, E-mail: Request a quote

LCR ELECTRONICS, INC. - Norristown, PA - - Our two custom shielded test facilities utilize state-of-the-art equipment to provide testing for U.S. (FCC & MIL-STD) and International (CE) requirements. Should your product not comply we will design a cost-effective solution, retest and issue a comprehensive test report and provide you with a practical and production-friendy solution - All in a matter of days.
(888)895-6496, (610)278-0840, Fax: (610)278-0935, E-mail: Request a quote

LEWIS BASS INTERNATIONAL, INC. - Milpitas, CA - - Third party accredited safety testing labs test products for conformance to IEC 60204-1, IEC 61010-1, EU Machinery Directive, Low Voltage Directive, SEMI S2, S8, S10, S13, S14, S22, NFPA 70, NFPA 79. A Lab can be recognized for conducting tests related to electrical, mechanical, pneumatic, radiation, high or low temperature, acoustics and vibration.
(408)942-8000, Fax: (408)957-9621, E-mail: Request a quote

METALLURGICAL ENGINEERING SERVICES - Richardson, TX - - Leading independent test laboratory, specializing in the fields of surface analysis, mechanical testing, failure analysis, environmental testing, and product testing. Testing and analysis of metals, polymers, and other materials. Our staff consists of certified professionals in the disciplines of materials science, mechanical, and metallurgical engineering.
(972)480-0033, Fax: (972)480-0036, E-mail: Request a quote ......

NCEE - Nebraska Center for Excellence in Electronics - Lincoln, NE - - Pre-compliance and compliance OEM product testing services. The region's only public 10-meter anechoic chamber. Schedule EMC and environmental testing with minimal notice. A2LA accredited for FCC, CE and IC electrical testing. EMC: Emissions and immunity. Environmental: NEMA; ingress protection; vibration; temperature; humidity; temperature/shock; salt; dust and sand.
(402)472-5880, Fax: (402)472-5881, E-mail: Request a quote

NEMKO North America - San Diego, CA - - - Worldwide testing and certification labs - Safety, EMC, telecom, wireless, ISO - 20 Nemko facilities worldwide, 4 facilities in North America, U.S/Canada.
(800)337-4362, (858)755-5525, Fax: (858)452-1810, E-mail: Request a quote

PROCESS SCIENCES, INC. (PSI) - Austin, TX - - Contamination and process problems - Specializing in determining elemental and chemical causes of assembly failures. We consistently provide our customers with the information they need to significantly reduce line failures, use the best quality materials for their process, ultimately adding to overall quality and process control. Ensure quality in your manufacturing processes.
(512)259-7070, Fax: (512)259-7073, E-mail: Request a quote

SCANTEK, INC. - Columbia, MD - - SOUND & VIBRATION laboratory instrumentation specialists - FFT analyzers, spectrum analyzers, real-time analyzers, acoustic and vibration instrument calibration, sound sources, building acoustics, HVAC, vehicle, computer, environmental noise. Sound meters, microphones, calibrators. Instrument sales, service, calibration, and rental since 1985 - Expert consulting services to our clients and customers.
(410)290-7726, Fax: (410)290-9167, E-mail:
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SMITH SEMICONDUCTOR, INC: - North Branch, MI - - Electronic component testing - Please return soon to read a complete listing of our testing services.
(810)688-1174, Fax: (810)688-4738, E-mail: Request a quote

TEST SITE SERVICES, INC. - Milford, MA - - Accredited (ISO 17025 by NVLAP) EMI/EMC test lab, specializing in medical, Instruments, process control, ITE, and other product categories. Tests/reports recognized by US, Canada, European Union (EU), Taiwan (BSMI), Korea (RRL), Japan (VCCI), FDA (US), Australia, New Zealand and others. Products up 10,000 lb. and 16 ft. diameter footprint accommodated.
(508)481-1684, Fax: (508)481-1684, E-mail: Request a quote ......

TUV SUD AMERICA - Peabody, MA - - TUV SUD America provides global product safety and management systems certification. We offer product safety testing, CE marking assistance, NRTL and SCC services, EMC and environmental testing, medical and FDA-related services and more. Globally, TUV has issued more than 190,000 product and 30,000 quality management system certifications.
(800)TUV-0123, Fax: (978)977-0159, E-mail: Request a quote

VITREK CORPORATION - San Diego, CA - - Leading manufacturer of automated electrical safety test equipment for regulatory compliance verification. Testers include AC & DC hipot (dielectric withstand), insulation resistance measurement, ground bond testers, precision high voltage meters and high voltage scanning systems. Allso, test automation software and turnkey automated test solutions, complete with barcode capability.
(858)689-2755, Fax: (858)689-2760, E-mail: Request a quote

WASHINGTON LABORATORIES, LTD. - Gaithersburg, MD - - WLL engineering professionals will help you navigate the world of compliance issues and requirements. EMI/EMC and safety compliance testing process, CE marking, DO-160, MIL-STD testing, wireless approvals, FCC certifications, safety or environmental testing – we have the personnel and facilities to help you get your products to market faster.
(301)417-0220, Fax: (301)417-9069, E-mail: Request a quote


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