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APOLLO SEIKO - Robotic Soldering Systems
Robotic Soldering Units - Automated Soldering Systems - Bench Top Robotic Soldering - In Line Robotic Soldering- Programmable Robotic Soldering - Precision Robotic Soldering - Click Here to Enter or Call . . . 219-762-0900 . . .

NICOLLET TECHNOLOGIES CORP. - Minneapolis, MN - - We focus on price and performance for virtually any transformer configuration and quantity up to 50kVA. More than 3500 different OEM designs since 1969 for a wide variety of industries. Isolation transformers, auto transformers, current limiting transformers, ferro-resonant transformers (CVT), toroidal transformers, inductors, chokes, coils, electronic Ballast Systems, More!
(612)379-7919, Fax: (612)379-1184, E-mail: Request a quote

AMERICAN HAKKO PRODUCTS, INC. - Valencia, CA - - Visit our website and choose from one of our many different styles of soldering stations or irons.
(661)294-0090, Fax: (661)294-0096, E-mail: Request a quote

APE - Automated Production Equipment - Key Largo, FL - - The home of PCB REWORK & REPAIR. Bandit split vision rework systems, $17,495 complete. Please visit our website to see our latest product selections.
(305)451-4722, Fax: (305)451-3374, E-mail: Request a quote

APOLLO SEIKO, LTD - Bridgman, MI - -Automated point soldering systems - Contact and non-contact robotic soldering systems, selective soldering systems, and advanced lead-free robotic soldering. Apollo Seiko, with over 30 years experience in the design and development of automated soldering systems, has set the industry standard in this specialized technology. See video demo on our home page.
(269)465-3400, Fax: (269)465-3441, E-mail: Request a quote

AVEN TOOLS, INC. - Ann Arbor, MI - - SOLDER STATIONS with total user programmable features, together with a detachable proprietary soldering thermoscope which includes tempereaure management software.
(800)624-8170, (734)973-0099, Fax: (734)973-0097, E-mail: Request a quote

COOPER TOOLS / WELLER Div. - Raleigh, NC - - Cooper Hand Tools is a manufacturer and marketer of premium quality hand tools including the popular Weller® line of SOLDERING PRODUCTS. Please visit out website now and return later for a complete product description.
(919)781-7200, Fax: (919)783-2116, E-mail: Request a quote

DUKANE- St. Charles, IL - - Major suppliers of advanced microprocessor-controlled ultrasonic metal welding and thermoplastic systems that enable cost-effective assembly operations. With Dukane ULTRASONIC METAL WELDERS, you'll be able to achieve the highest quality welding quality without any of the problems common to traditional processes: messy solvents and adhesives or costly mechanical fasteners and consumables.
(630)797-4900, Fax: 630-584-3162, E-mail: Request a quote

ECD, INC. - Milwaukie, OR - - TEMPERATURE PROFILING - Complete solutions based on world standard MOLE Temperature Profiling tehnology for the monitoring and management of the electronics soldering process and, with ovenRIDER and WaveRIDER, the equipment being used. Products can now control and manage this process as well as monitor it using Xpert-2 or the OvenWATCH system.
(800)323-4548, (503)659-6100, Fax: (503)659-4422, E-mail: Request a quote

EDSYN - Van Nuys, CA - - Soldering / desoldering / rework - High performance temperature controlled hand SOLDERING STATIONS, SMT reflow vacuum workstations, hot air systems, bench top fume extractor fans, air and vacuum pick-up systems.
(818)989-2324, Fax: (818)997-0895, E-mail: Request a quote

EX SELECT - Ontario, Canada - - Your soldering problems solved - TEMPERATURE PROFILING of PCBs for consistent joint strength - 100% solder fill with fillets on both sides - Efficient soldering in dense areas and around high profile components - Fast cycle time, as low as 12 seconds per board - Compatible with no-lead soldering environments.
(905)738-4077, Fax: (905)738-6604, E-mail: Request a quote

FANCORT INDUSTRIES, INC. - West Caldwell, NJ - - Benchtop selective ROBOTIC SOLDERING systems specifically designed for point-to-point and line soldering where conventional wave or reflow methods can’t be used. Portability, fast programming and high precision make these benchtop units ideal for Electronic Manufacturing Services and Mechanical Contract Assembly Shops that see a continuing variety of difficult soldering applications.
(888)Fancort, (973)575-0610, Fax: (973)575-9234, E-mail: Request a quote

FORWARD TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRIES, INC. - Cokato, MN - - Manufacturers of thermoplastic assembly/welding/joining equipment without adhesives. Hot plate welding, vibration welding, ultrasonic welding, spin welding and leak testing. Also perform prototype welding & testing. As an industry leader in plastic bonding, we offer the most complete line of bonding machinery specifically designed for the plastic industry.
(320)286-2578, Fax: (320)286-2467, E-mail: Request a quote ..... ..

GLOBAL AUTOMATION, INC. - Old Lyme, CT - - Laser soldering and MICRO-SOLDERING techniques. Contact Global for all your robotic soldering needs - Induction soldering, microflame soldering, 80W iron, dispensing and more!
(860)399-1141, Fax: (860)399-1159, E-mail: Request a quote

GSI LUMONICS, INC. - Farmington Hills, MI - - We provide a range of LASERS and ANCILLARIES for use in applications ranging from welding, cutting, and drilling of aerospace and automotive parts to fine welding of telecom components, electronic sensors, and medical devices, through processing of optical fibers for telecom applications.
(248)449-8989, Fax: (248)735-2460, E-mail: Request a quote

JBC TOOLS USA INC. - Saint Louis, MO - - A pioneer in manual SOLDERING, DESOLDERING and REWORK is introducing its advanced series line to the U.S. market following its popularity within the European and Asian electronics industry. This revolutionary line offers a unique heating system, ensuring excellent recovery, featuring extended tip life and higher productivity at a lower cost of ownership. Call us.
(866)429-5753, Fax: (866)429-5754, E-mail: Request a quote

JOINING TECHNOLOGIES, LLC - East Granby, CT - - Subcontract precision WELDING & JOINING solutions - Development of miniature and micro welded manufactured components for a variety of industries. Together with our parts job shop and research and development center we can provide professional product development services.
(800)266-1966, Fax: (860)653-5777, E-mail: Request a quote

HEXACON ELECTRIC COMPANY - Roselle Park, NJ - - Exceeding our own standards with product line breadth and low life-cycle cost. As an industry leader, we are still setting new standards with continued insight as evidenced by the Hexacon Phenix, the world's first controlled temperature soldering iron which adjusts its power to suit the thermal load it sees.
(908)245-6200, Fax: (908)245-6176 E-mail: Request a quote

M.M. NEWMAN CORP. - Marblehead, MA - - SOLDERING IRON CONTROLLERS that plug into your AC outlet to allow fixed-temperature irons to be adjustable from 150F to full heat - Works with any fixed temperature soldering iron, up to 1600 watts.
(781)631-7100, Fax: (781)631-8887, E-mail: Request a quote

METCAL, INC. - Menlo Park, CA - - Changing the face of HAND SOLDERING - Our Smart Heat soldering systems allow hand soldering of complex components with a precise level of thermal enrgy to produce high quality solder joints. Correct temperature is maintained without the usual struggle of endless settings.
(000)000-0000, Fax: (000)000-0000, E-mail: Request a quote

NAS INTERPLEX - Flushing, NY - - End solder problems win NAS patented SOLDER & FLUX BEARING LEADS - Solving all your ceramic & PCB soldering challenges with perfect soldering joints every time. Also offering complete assembly and reflow equipment for virtually any application.
(718)961-6757, Fax: (718)539-9115, E-mail: Request a quote

NTE ELECTRONICS, INC. - Bloomfield, NJ - - Wide range of ECG brand butane and electric SODERING & HEAT products - Butane soldering irons, butane heat guns, butane torches, electric corded soldering irons, electric de-soldering irons, tips and accessories. Products have quick heat-up, recovery, and long life.
(800)631-1250, (973)748-5089, Fax: (973)748-6224, E-mail: Request a quote

PACE WORLDWIDE - Laurel, MD - - HAND SOLDERING systems - Our high-performance control system constantly monitors thermal demand and power delivery for the work at hand without the need for calibration. Complete systems availabe now from $99.
(301)490-9860, Fax: (301)498-3252, E-mail: Request a quote

PLATO PRODUCTS, INC. - Industry, CA - - Plato Products is a recognized world leader in the manufacture of high quality, long life replacement soldering tips and desoldering tips and a variety of electronic production accessories used in the manufacture and repair of electronic assemblies.
(800)423-4510, (626)965-8044, Fax: (626)965-8960, E-mail: Request a quote

PROCESS WELDING SYSTEMS, INC. - Smyrna, TN - - High quality ARC WELDING equipment and systems. Manufacturers & distributors of manual, semi-automatic and automated TIG & plasma arc welding systems.
(615)793-7020, Fax: (615)793-7557, E-mail: Request a quote

ROBOTIC PROCESS SYSTEMS - Liberty Lake, WA - - Manufacturers of SELECTIVE SOLDERING and welding systems and robotic work cells - Our four axis Cartesian Robots are designed especially for soldering, lead attach, welding, and related applications.
(509)891-1680, Fax: (509)891-1681. E-mail: Request a quote

SOLDER SOLUTIONS - Gardnerville, NV - - We will train your employees to solder and rework through-hole and surface mount components within a few days, with just a soldering iron . . . The European Union will ban lead in electrical and electronic applications effective July 1, 2006. We will help you with compliance through our Lead-free Soldering & Rework course.
(775)230-5298, Fax: (775)782-3191, E-mail: Request a quote ..... ...

SONITEK - Milford, CT - - Large selection of used ULTRASONIC WELDERS, available from stock and ready to ship. All of our ultrasonic welders are refurbished by our experienced service technicians. All refurbished welders come with a limited warranty. We also Design and build ultrasonic horns and fixtures.
(800)875-4676, (203)878-9321, Fax: (203)878-6786. E-mail: Request a quote

SONO-TEK CORPORATION - Milton, NY - - Using Sono-Tek ultrasonic spraying technology, the SonoFlux 9500™ SPRAY FLUXER has become the industry's leading system for PCB fluxing. It is currently employed by the majority of the world's largest electronics manufacturers.
(845)795-2020, Fax: (845)795-2720, E-mail: Request a quote

SPIRIG ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES, INC. - Springfield, MA - - MICROFLAME SOLDERING technology provides a precision, noncontact, high speed process with greater productivity (process speed), simple operation, short conversion times, and repeatable process results, while still remaining flexible. Cold solder joints can be 100% avoided. Spirig Microflame products are used worldwide in electronic production, assembly and repair applications.
(800)499-9933, (203)378-5216, Fax: (203)386-1346. E-mail: Request a quote ..... ..

STAPLA ULTRASONICS CORP. - Wilmington, MA - - Weld using ULTRASONIC mechanical vibrations. The welding tool (sonotrode) couples to the part to be welded and moves it in a longitudinal direction. The part to be welded on remains static. Metal & plastic parts to be bonded are simultaneously pressed together causing a fusion of the parts without solder.
(978)658-9400, Fax: (978)658-6550. E-mail: Request a quote

TEST EQUIPMENT SALES - Londonderry, NH - - Your source for the popular PACE line of soldering / desoldering stations. Making high quality solder joints is easier than ever before, even for your less experienced operators! Making high quality lead free solder joints is just as easy, even with these more challenging alloys.
(800)684-4651, (603)434-2544, Fax: (603)425-2945, E-mail: Request a quote

VANIER MANUFACTURING, INC. - Covina, CA - - Replacement soldering iron and DESOLDERING TIPS to fit: Weller - Ungar - Hakko - Pace - Plato - American Beauty - Hexacon - Edsyn - Bonkote - OK Industries - Oryx - Antex - Ersa - Zevatech - APE - Esico, more... We have served industry worldwide since 1957 - Distributors welcome.
(626)915-5651, Fax: (626)339-4753, E-mail: Request a quote .....

VITRONICS SOLTEC - Stratham, NH - - High mix, high volume, SELECTIVE SOLDERING systems - Simplicity, and a reliable, production oriented design make Vitronics Soltec's automated selective soldering systems a perfect choice for your high mix demands in a high-volume environment.
(603)772-7776, Fax: (603)772-7776, E-mail: Request a quote

WINSLOW AUTOMATION, INC. - Hollister, CA - - Lead finish and soldering technology - Equipment and services to the semiconductor industry include four axis robotics lead tinning machine for semiconductor manufacturers that make military devices, and tabletop dippers and solder tanks used for solderability testing and special components soldering. Consumables for solder application, repair, and IC ruggedization.
(831)638-9777, Fax: (831)638-1237, E-mail: Request a quote


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