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IPS LIMITED - Shielding, Insulative, and Bonding Tapes
Electronics Industry Solutions for EMI/RFI Control - Thermal Management - High Voltage Insulation - Wire Processing - Acoustics - Vibration Control - Coating - ID - Masking - bonding - Work-Holding - Weather Resistance - Waterproofing - Custom OEM and More! Click Here to Enter or Call - USA: (800)225-0665, Int'l: (203)266-5314 . . .

NICOLLET TECHNOLOGIES CORP. - Minneapolis, MN - - We focus on price and performance for virtually any transformer configuration and quantity up to 50kVA. More than 3500 different OEM designs since 1969 for a wide variety of industries. Isolation transformers, auto transformers, current limiting transformers, ferro-resonant transformers (CVT), toroidal transformers, inductors, chokes, coils, electronic Ballast Systems, More!
(612)379-7919, Fax: (612)379-1184, E-mail: sales@nictec.com Request a quote

ADHESIVES RESEARCH, INC. - Glen Rock, PA - - Over 40 years in the PRESSURE-SENSITIVE ADHESIVE industry - Offering specialty industrial and electronic pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, foams, films & foils. Electrically conductive and insulative tapes, EMI/RFI shielding tapes, thermally conductive and insulative tapes, electronically clean tapes, optically clear tapes, foam bonding tapes, film bonding tapes, transfer films, More!
(800)445-6240, (717)235-7979, Fax: (717)227-3484, E-mail: mhopp@ARglobal.com Request a quote

ELLSWORTH ADHESIVES, INC. - Germantown, WI - - A solution oriented speciality chemical distributor of adhesives, sealants, encapsulants, conformal coatings, tapes and the necessary dispensing equipment for all of these products. 15 stocking locations strategically located throughout the U.S. You will have every advantage in terms of price, delivery, and technical support when you purchase through Ellsworth Adhesives.

(800)888-0698, (262)253-8600, Fax: (262)253-8619, E-mail: Sales@Ellsworth.com Request a quote

IPS LIMITED - Bethlehem, CT - - Tape solution experts, stocking Nomex and over 90 different material types in various widths, single & double-sided adhesive. Specializing in electronics industry applications in EMI/RFI control, thermal management, high voltage insulation, wire processing, acoustics, vibration control, coating, ID, masking, bonding, work-holding, weather resistance, waterproofing and more.
(800)225-0665, (203)266-5314, Fax: (203)266-7614, E-mail: Info@IPSlimited.com Request a quote

NADCO TAPES & LABELS, INC. - Sarasota, FL - - Utilizing many converting processes we create many different pressure sensitive and non-pressure sensitive TAPES & LABELS. We print and die-cut materials as vinyl, paper, cloth, aluminum and copper foils, Polypropylene and PVC films, foam and many more materials. Applications include ESD protection, EMI-RFI control, insulation, masking, safety, advertising, more!
(800)839-9018, (941)751-6693, Fax: (941)727-8220, E-mail: Sales@NADCOinc.com Request a quote

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