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TESLA - Pre-owned Electronic Test Equipment - Sales & Rentals
3,000 Unit Inventory - One-stop Depot for Sales - Rentals - Leasing - Repairs - Surplus Acquisition - HP - Tektronix - Fluke - Spectrum Analyzers - Network Analyzers - Oscilloscopes - Signal Sources - Pulse Generators - DMMs / Digital Multimeters - Data Acquisition - Power Supplies - Dataloggers - RF Power Meters - More! Click to Visit Our Website Now or Call . . . 888-448-3752 . . . or . . . 510-315-2459

ADVANCED TEST EQUIPMENT RENTALS - San Diego, CA - - Since 1981 Advanced Test Equipment has been offering rentals, sales, service & solutions with a wide variety of test & measurement equipment. GPTE, environmental, inspection, RFI/EMC, lightwave, antennas, data acquisition, network, lab analytical, dimensional, analyzers, power and more. Check our website for your unique and unusual equipment requirements.
(800)404-2832, Fax: (858)558-6570, E-mail: Sales@ATEcorp.com Request a quote .....

BEHLMAN ELECTRONICS CORP. - Hauppauge, NY - - Get WORLDWIDE POWER in your product, on your bench, or in your test rack - Power supplies with AC and/or DC input and AC and/or DC output. Linear, switching, modular, rackmount, computer controlled and OEM. Applications include avionics, inspection, laboratories, production, railroad, shipboard, telecommunications, test & measure, utility and more. Custom & COTS designs for the MILITARY.
(800)874-6727, (631)435-0410, Fax: (631)951-4341, E-mail: rstorm@behlman.com Request a quote

ADI - AMERICAN DISTRIBUTORS, INC. - Randolph, NJ- - Please return later to read our product description.
(800)877-0510, (973)328-1181, Fax: (973)328-2302, E-mail: adisales@americandistr.com Request a quote

CALIFORNIA INSTRUMENTS - San Diego, CA - - programmable AC and DC POWER SOURCES. AC sources from 800 VA to 135 kVA using state-of-the-art PWM switching technology. California Instrument's AC and DC power supplies are used worldwide in demanding production test and ATE applications. High power density and proven quality for all your AC and DC test requirements.
(858)677-9040, Fax: (858)677-0940, E-mail: Sales@CalInst.com Request a quote

DYNAMIC SOLUTIONS - Northridge, CA - - offering a wide range of VIBRATION TEST EQUIPMENT, including 100% air cooled electro-dynamic shakers, rated from 40 to 16,000 lbf. State-of-the-art “IGBT” switching amplifiers - slip-tables - fixtures - eead expanders - shock test equipment, and peripheral instrumentation, including control and data acquisition systems, accelerometers. Also sales of used/reconditioned test equipment.
(877)767-7077, (818)831-0832, Fax: (818)831-0842, E-mail: Sales@DynsolUSA.com Request a quote

DAYTRONIC CORPORATION - Dayton, OH - - Instruments and systems for advanced data acquisition and electronic testing. Signal conditioning modules, intelligent high performance panelmeters - Noise-free, drift-free measurement results for an exceptionally broad range of user and OEM applications. Specializing in real-world data integrity since 1954.
(800)668-4745, (937)293-2566, Fax: (937)293-2586, E-mail: Sales@Daytronic.com Request a quote

ELECTRIC DEVICE CORPORATION - Canfield, OH - - We design and manufacture a variety of AUTOMATED TESTING and PRODUCTION SYSTEMS for the following applications: Circuit breakers, contactors, GFI/AFCI, AC & DC motors, transformers, electronic assemblies, thermostats, mechanical assemblies, automatic screw driving equipment, truck transmission testers, automotive harnesses, more.
(800)533-5399, (330)533-1111, Fax: (330)533-2639, E-mail: Tim.Abbey@ElectricDevice.com Request a quote

ELECTROLAB INC. - Cupertino, CA - - We buy, sell, and lease refurbished test and measurement equipment such as HP, TEK, ANR, Wiltron, TTC and many other well known names. Distributors of new test & measurement and ESD protection products from 3M, Muller, Simco / Richmond linizer, Instek, Protek & LG. Please visit our website for current inventory.
(408)257-2445, Fax: (408)257-6310, E-mail: Electrolb@Electrolab.com Request a quote

ELECTRON TUBES, INC. - Rockaway, NJ - - Manufacturers and distributors of high voltage power supplies to the OEM and research markets. Product line includes DC to DC converters, photomultiplier power bases, high voltage supplies for mass spectroscopy and analytical instrumentation, X-ray power sources and high voltage digital meters.
(800)521-8382, Fax: (973)586-9771, E-mail: Sales@ElectronTubes.com Request a quote

ELGAR ELECTRONICS CORP. - San Diego, CA - - The world's largest manufacturer of programmable AC and DC POWER SOURCES. AC sources range from 120 VA to 21 kVA using both linear and switching topologies. Elgar's engineering staff develops custom and OEM test solutions to solve complex and varied power challenges. High power density and high quality for your OEM test requirements.
(800)733-5427, (858)450-0085 Fax: (858)458-0267, E-mail: Sales@Elgar.com Request a quote

EMPRISE CORPORATION - Kennesaw, GA - - Emprise has been in the test equipment, test stand and test facilities business since 1981 and can deliver standard and CUSTOMIZED TESTING SOLUTIONS for your products. From hand-held testers to full scale jet engine test stands - our engineers have the experience to design custom OEM test equipment.
(800)278-2119, (770)425-1420, Fax: (770)425-1425, E-mail: Info@Emprise-USA.com Request a quote

FOX METER, INC. - De Kalb, IL - - METERS to measure any test parameter with options to alarm, pass/fail, monitor and communicate via Serial Data. Whether you are product testing, veryfying or monitoring and displaying a product's performance, FOX has a full line of OEM instruments to satisfy your application - From low cost display to embedded processor designs.
(815)758-7000, Fax: (815)758-1640, E-mail: Sales@FoxMeter.com Request a quote

FRONTLINE TEST EQUIPMENT, INC. - Charlottesville, VA - - Packet sniffers, network sniffing tools, and PROTOCOL ANALYZERS for SCADA, industrial networks, bluetooth, ZigBee, IEEE 802.15.4, RS-232, ethernet, and more... Debug, test, and verify live and in real-time. Protocol analyzer leaders since 1985, with over 40,000 units in use worldwide. Technology moves fast - with Frontline products, so can you!
(800)359-8570, (434)984-4500, Fax: (434)984-4505, E-mail: Sales@fte.com Request a quote

GLASSMAN HIGH VOLTAGE - High Bridge, NJ - - Working together with a host of diverse OEM customers since 1977, the Glassman name is synonymous with high reliability HIGH VOLTAGE POWER for various lab testing applications.
(908)638-3800, Fax: (908)638-3700, E-mail: Sales@GlassmanHV.com Request a quote

HI-TECH HUB - Oglesby, IL - - Online discounts on Triplett meters, digital & analog multimeters, specialty and industrial meters. Trying to locate a circuit breaker? Use our own Circuit Detective - Just plug the transmitter into the circuit you want to find, go to the breaker box and the receiver shows you the breaker you are looking for.
(877)448-3245, (815)220-1543, Fax: (815)224-1532, E-mail: sales@CircuitDetective.com Request a quote

HOYT ELECTRICAL INSTRUMENT WORKS, INC. - Penacook, NH - - 95 Year old manufacturer of PANEL METERS. Our new Digital/Analog Combo Meters elimnitate the need to choose! High brightness, bulb-less uniform meter scale lighting provides unmatched readability.
(603)753-6321, Fax: (603)753-9592, E-mail: info@hoytelectric.com Request a quote

INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS - Minford, OH - - Specializing in the development of AUTOMATED TESTING PLATFORMS for your OEM produdct or internal needs - Custom test hardware and software (Lab View, etc.) applications for calibration and testing, designed to acommodate your unique requirements - Complete product design engineering, contract manufacturing and model shop services are also available.
(740)820-3751, Fax: (740)820-5451, E-mail: sales@insolves.com Request a quote

INSTRON - Canton, MA - - Leading producer of testing instruments, systems, software and accessories designed to evaluate the physical properties of materials and components - Use Instron instruments for testing MECHANICAL PROPERTIES and performance of various components, materials and structures - Tensile, flexural, impact, structural, hardness, and fatigue.
(781)575-5000, Fax: (781)575-5751, E-mail: Info_News@Instron.com Request a quote

KIMCO DISTRIBUTING CORPORATION - Mentor, OH - - Since 1978 Kimco Distributing Corp. has been a major supplier of products, services, and solutions to the manufacturing, testing, and repair environments. Kimco distributes throughout North America and supports the following territories: Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, West Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, and Puerto Rico.
(800)521-9197, (440)255-7757, Fax: (440)255-2168, E-mail: sales@kimcodistributing.com Request a quote

MANDIS ATE TECHNOLOGIES, INC. - Morgan Hill, CA - - Mandis is an industry leader specializing in sales & support for the Agilent / HP3070 Series ICT platform. We also offer complete board repair services, as well as rental options. Please call or E-mail for systems, spares, upgrades, repairs, or rental requirements.
(408)776-7878, Fax: (408)776-7888, E-mail: infolink@mandisATE.com Request a quote

MetricTest - Hayward, CA - - Your quality source for buying, renting and leasing new and refurbished electronic test equipment. Serving customers in the U.S. and more than 50 countries worldwide with more than 6,000 products for a variety of test applications. A commitment to product selection, competitive prices, and customer service sets MetricTest apart.
(800)417-4370, (510)264-0887, Fax: (510)264-0886, E-mail: egram@metrictest.com Request a quote ..... .

MHz ELECTRONICS, INC. - Phoenix, AZ - - We buy and sell new and used electronic test & measurement, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, medical equipment, and laboratory equipment. established over 25 years ago to supply the growing demand for quality test equipment at reasonable prices. We are now the largest in-stock supplier of test equipment in the Western U.S.
(602)681-9100, Fax: (602)681-3850, E-mail: richard@mhzelectronics.com Request a quote ..... .

NOVX CORPORATION - San Jose, CA - - Novx Corporation is the leading supplier of instrumentation and software for universal monitoring and control solutions in cleanrooms, manufacturing and ESD sensitive work areas. Products and services include: ESC - EMI - RFI - PROCESS ENVIRONMENT MONITORS - remote product voltage sensor - operator and ground - ionization - tool - data acquisition - analysis, consulting and training services.
(408)998-5555, Fax: (408)998-1414, E-mail: Lem@NovxCorp.com Request a quote

OTEK CORPORATION - Tucson, AZ - - Since 1974, a technology leader with many patents and industry's first in Bargraphs, Transmitters (4-20mA & RF), Controllers, DPMs, Timers & Counters, from generic to Mil-spec! Our OEM products are in submarines, ships, factories, transportation, petrochemical, biomedical, avionics and aerospace applications. Latest products include Powerless Loop Powered controllers, Wireless (RF) Transceivers & Controllers.
(520)748-7900, Fax: (520)790-2808, E-mail: Sales@OtekCorp.com Request a quote

POYNTING PRRODUCTS, INC. - Oak Park, IL - - Specializing in digital imaging solutions and OPTICAL INSPECTION. Please return to read our product description.
(708)544-9188, Fax: (708)544-9131, E-mail: ppi@poynting.com Request a quote

PTL TEST EQUIPMENT, INC. - Jupiter, FL - E. Lansdowne, PA - - Buy-sell-lease-trade new & refurbished electronic test & measurement equipment, RF, microwave, video, fiber optic products - brand names as HP/Agilent/Calan, Tektronix, Acterna/Wavetek, Trilithic, Matrix, Sencore, Sandelco, Nettest, Sumitomo, etc.
(561)747-3647, Fax: (561)575-4635, E-mail: ptlte@bellsouth.net Request a quote

RELIABLE PROCUREMENT - E. Lansdowne, PA - - Stocking distributors of a wide range of electronic test equipment used daily in the manufacturing, assembly, and repairs of electronic products. Also, large selection of safety, environmental, and compliance test instruments. Please visit our website now or return here later for a complete product listing.
(877)ReliPro(735-4776), (610)284-9605, Fax: (610)284-9607, E-mail: Info@ReliableProcurement.com Request a quote

SAUNDERS & ASSOCIATES, INC. - Phoenix, AZ - - World specialists in Quartz Crystal production & test equipment. Test your crystals & oscillators with our latest PC-Based plug-in PCI card FREQUENCY COUNTERS. Ask about our latest 500 MHz Counter.
(602)971-9977, Fax: (602)971-5522, E-mail: davec@saunders-assoc.com Request a quote

SCANTEK, INC. - Columbia, MD - - SOUND METERS & INSTRUMENTS - Sales, rentals, and calibration laboratory - Testing for dB, FFT, ground vibration, hearing conservation, highway noise, HVAC acoustics, industrial noise, machine vibration, microphone calibration, NIST traceable, noise level, reverberation, signal analysis, sound power, traffic noise, vibration measurements. Expert consulting services to our clients and customers.
(410)290-7726, Fax: (410)290-9167, E-mail: Info@ScantekInc.com Request a quote

SEMI TEST SOLUTIONS - San Jose, CA - - Semi Test Solutions Provides specialized test and measurement products, focusing on California's semiconductor, RF & Networking industry, mainly on the back-end of the semiconductor manufacturing process. The key areas are failure analysis, device characterization, QA, reliability, packaging test/assembly, burn-in, product engineering, sort, production/final test and ATE - Strong after-sale support.

(510)468-9769, Fax: (408)262-6699, E-mail: sales@semitestsolutions.com Request a quote 11/GP

SIBORG SYSTEMS, INC. - Waterloo, ON, Canada - - Smart Tweezers is a high-precision digital automatic R-L-C and voltage meter, integrated with a set of tweezers. This one-hand-held SMD probe integrated with a graphic display, automatic recognition of the measurement mode (R,C, and L) and the range of measurement, allows to concentrate entirely on the component under test.
(519)888-9906, Fax: (519)725-9522, E-mail: siborg@siborg.com Request a quote ..... .

SORENSEN, a Div. of Elgar - San Diego, CA - - Sorensen offers the world's largest selection of programmable DC POWER supply products from 60W to 30 kW in a single chassis. These power supplies are recognized throughout the electronics industry for their high performance, compact design and reliability in test applications. Sorense also offers a family of DC electronic loads from 100W to 600W.
(800)525-2024, (858)450-0085 Fax: (858)458-0267, E-mail: Sales@sorensen.com Request a quote

SUNBELT LESSORS, INC. - Richardson, TX - - Conisder LEASE FINANCING - An excellent alternative when budget restrictions stand in the way of placing much needed PCB assembly and test equipment on you floor. We'll arrange financing for new or used equipment and make the process simple, fast and cost effective. Application available on our website.
(800)588-5377, (972)644-0612, Fax: (972)644-6370, E-mail: Leasing@SunbeltLessors.com Request a quote

TDL TECHNOLOGY, INC. - Las Cruces, NM - - AUDIO TEST EQUIPMENT including noise and arbitrary waveform generator, preamps, amplifiers, attenuators, peak-to-peak voltmeter and tunable lowpass and highpass filter. Visit our website to see products, prices and User Guides.
(505)382-3173, Fax: (505)382-8810, E-mail: TDL@Zianet.com Request a quote

TekNet ELECTRONICS - Alpharetta, GA - - TekNet Electronics is a used/refurbished electronic test equipment reseller and solution provider. We buy and sell electronic test equipment worldwide to industry leading corporations, smaller end users, and government agencies. We provide a wide range of technical, logistical, and financial services that covers the life cycle of your testing equipment.
(678)341-6000, Fax: (678)341-6001, E-mail: sales@teknetelectronics.com Request a quote
TDE Vendor candidate: 9/GP

TesCom - Austin, TX - - TesCom sells, repairs, and calibrates TELECOM TEST EQUIPMENT. We sell refurbished units of all major manufacturers such as Acterna(TTC), 3M/Dynatel, Tempo, Sage, Tektronix, among others. We are an ISO 9002 and 17025 certified cal lab. Give us a call for all your testing needs.
(512)244-6689, Fax: (512)310-2794, E-mail: deanc@tescom.nu Request a quote

TESLA TEST EQUIPMENT - Hayward, CA - - Since 1991 your 1-stop depot for sales, rentals, repairs, and purchasing of electronic test and measurement equipment. Call to speak with our applications engineers about your specific test and measurement requirements. Flat-rate repair pricing for most Hewlett-Packard, Tektronix, Fluke, and other manufacturers' test and measuring equipment (with some exclusions).
(888)448-3752, (510)315-2459, Fax: 510-475-0442, E-mail: CustomerService@44Tesla.com Request a quote ..... .

TEST EQUIPMENT SALES - Londonderry, NH - - Quality used test equipment, new test equipment - oscilloscopes, analog scopes, spectrum analyzers, network analyzers and power supplies.
(800)684-4651, (603)434-2544, Fax: (603)425-2945, E-mail: Sales@TEsales.com Request a quote

TEST EQUIPMENT SOURCE - Acworth, GA - - Source for large variety of new and used test equipment.
(770)490-5252, Fax: 000-000-0000, E-mail: dporter7752@bellsouth.net Request a quote ..... ...

TestCrafters, INC. - TEMPE, AZ - - TestCrafters CUSTOM FIXTURES for Agilent (HP3070), HP, Teradyne, GenRad, Zehntel, Factron, Schlumberger and many others. Programs for HP3070 and Teradyne. Custom adapters, receivers and chip testers. Functional systems using National Instruments cards and LabView. From simple to complex, through hole to SMD, fast turns and quality service - Free quotes.
(800)730-6567, (480)730-6595, Fax: (480)730-5392, E-mail: OEM@TestCrafters.com Request a quote

TRIG-TEK, INC. - ANAHEIM, CA - - VIBRATION TEST INSTRUMENTS, Signal Conditioning, Portable Instrumentation, Airborne Instrumentation, Analyzers and Balancing, Vibration Control Systems, Vibration Monitors, Vibration Protectors, Tracking Instrumentation, Ratio Instrumentation, Filtering Instrumentation, Miscellaneous Instruments. Also, custom OEM instruments.
(714)956-3593, Fax: (714)956-0162, E-mail: sales@trig-tek.com Request a quote

VITREK CORPORATION - San Diego, CA - - Leading manufacturer of automated ELECTRICAL SAFETY test equipment for regulatory compliance verification. Testers include AC & DC hipot (dielectric withstand), insulation resistance measurement, ground bond testers, precision high voltage meters and high voltage scanning systems. Allso, test automation software and turnkey automated test solutions, complete with barcode capability.
(858)689-2755, Fax: (858)689-2760, E-mail: Info@Vitrek.com Request a quote

W.E.I. INCORPORATED - Syracuse, NY - - W.E.I. Incorporated is an instrument modification center selling, servicing, modifying, and NIST calibration of many different products from a variety of manufactures. Some of our products include: elapsed time meters, panel meters, switchboard meters, multimeters, current transformers, transducers, meter relays, electrical & measurement test equipment, and accessories. Knowledgeable, qualified professionals!.
(315)437-4281, Fax: (315)437-4296, E-mail: mbrown@weionline.com Request a quote
TDE Vendor Candidate: 7/28/11.GP

WK TEST - Kokomo, IN - - PCB FUNCTIONAL TEST systems - Standard & custom systems for End-of-Line testing of your assembled circuit boards. See why leading auto, electronic, computer and contract manufacturers have bought over 5,000 Wayne Kerr manufactured Defect, In-Circuit Test, Functional Board Test, and combinational systems.
(765)455-1900 , Fax: (765)455-1919, E-mail: steveduffy@wktest.com Request a quote

WORLD EQUIPMENT SOURCE - San Diego, CA - - WES (owned by R-1 Source, Inc.), buys and sells all types of pre-owned and new electronic production equipment, test equipment, and components. Many clients have chosen WES as the sole source of their PCB production and test equipment. WES also sells and installs lead-free retrofit kits for wave solder machines.
(858)693-1991, Fax: (858)693-8339, E-mail: Sales@WEsource.com Request a quote

YOKOGAWA CORPORATION OF AMERICA - Newnan, GA - - The Yokogawa test equipment family includes digital multimeters, digital clamp-on meters, analog and digital insulation testers, single and multifunction calibrators, digital recording thermometers, clamp-on power meter analyzers, portable voltmeters, ammeters, frequency meters, power factor meters, wattmeters, transformers, shunts, wheatstone bridges, double bridges, standard resistors, variable resistors, and galvanometers.
(800)888-6400, Fax: (770)251-2088, E-mail: Chris.Costlow@US.Yokogawa.com Request a quote

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