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ACUITY / Schmitt Industries - Portland, OR - - Provider of precision, non-contact dimensional measurement sensors including: white-light confocal displacement sensors, laser displacement sensors, laser rangefinders, 2D laser profile sensors & 3D laser scanners. Acuity sensors and scanners are used for factory automation of thickness measurement, position monitoring, fill heights and other dimensional measuring in industrial and research applications.
(503)227-7908, Fax: (503)227-5040, E-mail: Request a quote

BRUNSWICK INSTRUMENT, LLC - Kiel, WI - - Manufacturer of digital electronic gages for precision film / foil / paper thickness measurement & inspection. Fixed & variable contact force models. Data outputs. High resolution thickness measurement. Special application test stands.
(920)894-1176, Fax: (920)894-1162, E-mail: Request a quote

FILMETRICS, INC. - San Diego, CA - - Affordable and easy-to-use instruments for measuring film thickness (30Å to 13mm), index of refraction, and deposition rates. Wavelengths available from 200nm to 1700nm. Configurations available for tabletop, in-situ, and in-line applications. Instruments for the semiconductor market, from robust, ultra-fast patterned wafer measurements to automated thickness mapping of unpatterned wafer.
(858)573-9300, Fax: (858)573-9400, E-mail: Request a quote

FISCHER TECHNOLOGY, INC. - Windsor, CT - - Designers and manufacturers of coating thickness gauges & instruments, material testing instruments, hardness testing and material analysis instruments - The result of years of industry experience and extensive research. FISCHER provides a large variety of testing & analysis instruments for virtually any type of coating thickness related application, material testing and hardness testing.
(800)243-8417, (860)683-0781, FAX: (860)688-8496, E-mail: Request a quote ..... ..

HORIBA SCIENTIFIC - Edison, NJ - - Manufacturers of a wide range of spectroscopic ellipsometers used for the characterization of multi-layer film thickness, optical constants, and materials composition analysis. HORIBA products offer the highest level of accuracy and sensitivity for demanding applications. We also offer high-performance Raman, FLIM and EDXRF microscopes for rapid spectroscopy and imaging measurements.
(732)494-8660, Fax: (732)623-8129, E-mail: Request a quote

LASER-VIEW TECHNOLOGIES, INC. - Lionville, PA - - Precision LASER MICROMETERS and laser displacement sensor systems for diameter, distance, and thickness measurements. Displacement sensors with a variety of precision levels and measuring ranges as small a 10 mm and up to 100 meters! We can supply you with sensors, process software, and/or a complete integrated measurement system.
(610)497-8910, Fax: (206)338-4281, E-mail: Request a quote

SCIENSCOPE INTERNATIONAL CORP. - Chino, CA - - Please click to enter our website or return later for a complete product description.
(800)216-1800 (909)590-7273, Fax: (909)494-5513, E-mail: Request a quote

SCIENTIFIC COMPUTING INTERNATIONAL - Carlsbad, CA - - Raising thin film metrology performance to a new level. FilmTek™ metrology systems can measure a broad array of single and multi-layer films including metallic, semiconductor, amorphous, crystalline, and dielectric materials on virtually any substrate to determine multiple layer thicknesses (from <1Å to 250 microns), surface roughness, damage, wafer curvature, film stress and more.
(760)634-3822, Fax: (760)634-3826, E-mail: Request a quote


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