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eTECH SUPPLY - AIM Solder Distributors
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ASG, JERGENS, INC. - Cleveland, OH - - ASG has been a leading supplier of products for light assembly for over 20 years. Extensive product line includes torque-controlled electric screwdrivers, automation products, production aides, inspection & testing and other complimentary products for light assembly. Our experienced in-house and field experts welcome the opportunity to solve any assembly challenge.
(888)486-6163, (216)486-6163, Fax: (216)481-4519, E-mail:
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EAE SALES - Grabill, IN - - New, used and refurbished soldering and desoldering tools, supplies and parts for electronic assembly, rework and repair. We stock many of the major brands, such as Edsyn, Weller, Hakko, Metcal, American Beauty, Denon and more. We stand behind what we sell. Search our website now for complete inventory and pricing.

(260)627-5871, Fax: (000)000-0000, E-mail:
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EXCELTA CORPORATION - Buellton CA - - Designers and producers of precision hand tools for electronic assembly, manufacturing wire processing, including advanced styles of tweezers, cutters, pliers, custom hand tools for unique applications, and brushes, probes, scissors, optics and vacuum pick-Up tools. - Sold through a worldwide network of distributors. Excelta Corporation offers OEM custom engineered precision hand tools.

(805)686-4686, Fax: (805)686-9005, E-mail: Request a quote
TDE Vendor candidate: 11/GP

EXCELTA CORPORATION - Buellton, CA , OH - - Most advanced precision hand tools, including tweezers, cutters and forceps for all types of electronic manufacturing, assembly and repair. Custom designed tools for unique applications, and a broad range of brushes, probes, scissors, optics and vacuum pick-Up tools used in electronic assembly and repair. Extensive inventory at our Buellton facility.
(805)686-4686, Fax: (805)686-9005, E-mail: Request a quote ..... ..

HUNTER PRODUCTS, INC. - Bridgewater, NJ - - GOLDFINGER Re-Plating and Re-Work system - Environmenatally-friendly compounds. These low cost disposable applicators permit instantaneous selection of ELECTRO-PLATING possibilities without preparation of solutions. Used for contact repair, prototype development work, electronic instrument repair, etc. Pens available with copper, tin, zinc, nickel, black nickel, silver, chrome-color, rhodium, palladium, and gold.
(800)524-0692, (908)526-8440 Fax: (908)526-8348, E-mail: Request a quote

KIMCO DISTRIBUTING CORPORATION - Mentor, OH - - Since 1978 Kimco Distributing Corp. has been a major supplier of products, services, and solutions to the manufacturing, testing, and repair environments. Kimco distributes throughout North America and supports the following territories: Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, West Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, and Puerto Rico.

(800)521-9197, (440)255-7757, Fax: (440)255-2168, E-mail: Request a quote
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MIDWEST CIRCUIT TECHNOLOGY - Chagrin Falls, OH - - Providers of tools used in PCB depaneling systems. A one stop source for all your 1/8" shank bits. Diamond cut, chipbreaker or fluted bits are all available. Our association with printed circuit board fabrication, PCB assembly, composite material fabrication and the metalworking industry makes us more than just a tool supplier.
(330)995-6900, Fax: (216)803-0338, E-mail: Request a quote

PRACTICAL TOOLS, INC. - Los Alamitos, CA - - Worldwide distributor of a broad range of cutters, dispensing systems, drivers, heat guns, hot air guns, crimpers, screwdrivers, pliers, strippers, wrenches, brushes, probes, scissors, optics, microscopes, solder & desolder stations for surface mount and thru-hole applications, cleanroom supplies and consumables for all aspects of the electronics, military/aerospace and biomedical industries.

(866)434-7561, (714)252-1192, Fax: (714)252-0026, E-mail: Request a quote
TDE Vendor candidate: 5/11/12/GP

STENCILS UNLIMITED - Lake Oswego, OR - - Please return shortly for a complete description of our specialty tools for electronics - Or visit our website now.
(503)699-6529, Fax: (503)636-4795, E-mail: Request a quote

TRONEX TECHNOLOGY, INC. - Napa, CA - - Manufacturers of quality hand tools for PCB assembly - Over 40 different types of precision hand cutting tools in carbon and alloy steel. The exceptional performance of Tronex cutters results directly from our carefully planned and controlled manufacturing operations in our Napa, CA.
(707)224-9880, Fax: (707)224-9886, E-mail:
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WIRESTRIPPERS.COM - Menifee Valley, CA - - Quality line of WIRE PROCESSING equipment - Wire cutting machines, thermal wire strippers, coaxial cable strippers, and programmable wire stripping machines that store pre-set strip lengths and wiregauges in memory for easy changeover and fast production. Our equipment is designed for quality and is priced at half that of competing products.
(800)490-8520, (909)301-8560, Fax: (909)679-4849, E-mail: Request a quote


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