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CSA / AGILENT - Customer Service Associates Inspect SMT BGA Solder Joints - Sales & Support for HP/Agilent - AOI - 3D X-Ray - In-Circuit - Functional - ICT (3070), AXI (5DX), AOI (SJ-50 & SP-50) and MTIS (ART, AQT, CAMCAD) Click Here to Enter or Call (888)745-5286 . . .

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AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES, INC. - Loveland, CO - - Inspect PCB solder joints and detect BGA opens with higher accuracy using our next-generation automated X-Ray test system. Model 5DX Series 5000 test programs are developed easily in a single day. Used by world's leading OEMs and contract manufacturers.
(800)447-8378, (866)283-8378, (650)752-5000, Request a quote

AXIC - Santa Clara, CA - - Production thin film analysis system - Composition and thickness measurement using high power X-Ray fluorescence analysis quickly and easily measures simple, compound and multi-layer thin films used in semiconductor, magnetic, superconductor and other applications.
(800)475-2762, (408)980-0240, Fax: (408)980-0524, E-mail: Info@Axic.com Request a quote

CSA /AGILENT - CUSTOMER SERVICE ASSOCIATES - Lenexa, KS - - Sales & support for HP/Agilent products that test and inspect throughout the electronics manufacturing process, from AOI solder and paste placement inspection to 3D X-ray and In-circuit Inspection and Functional Test. ICT (3070), AXI (5DX), AOI (SJ-50 & SP-50) and MTIS (ART, AQT, CAMCAD) solutions in partnership with Agilent Direct Sales.
(888)745-5286, (913)322-0872, Fax: (973)322-0873, E-mail: Sales@CSA1.net Request a quote .....

ELECTRON TUBES, INC. - Rockaway, NJ - - Manufacturers and distributors of high voltage power supplies to the OEM and research markets. Product line includes DC to DC converters, photomultiplier power bases, high voltage supplies for mass spectroscopy and analytical instrumentation, X-ray power sources and high voltage digital meters.
(800)521-8382, Fax: (973)586-9771, E-mail: Sales@ElectronTubes.com Request a quote

FAXITRON X-RAY CORP. - Wheeling, IL - - Real-time Microfocus X-Ray imaging systems designed for SMT assembly inspection, semiconductors and PCBs. Our systems provide advantages of real-time defect detection for electronics production, quality control, research and development and failure analysis.
(847)465-9729, Fax: (847)465-9740, E-mail: Sales@Faxitron.com Request a quote

FeinFocus USA, INC. - Stamford, CT - Install our FXS-160.40 system next to your production line for rapid random PCB sample inspections. A modular system with x-, y-, and z-axes, with tilt and rotate features using our signature state-of-the-art X-ray tube.
(203)969-2161, Fax: (203)969-2162, E-mail: Info@FeinFocus.com Request a quote

FocalSpot, Inc. - San Diego, CA - Designers & manufacturers of affordable X-Ray inspection systems. Offering advanced BGA and SMT inspection and rework systems, repair solutions for lead-free and eutectic rework, X-Ray failure analysis and rework applications support, parts and service to manufacturers of electronics assemblies worldwide.
(858)536-5050, Fax: (858)536-5054, E-mail: Sales@FocalSpot.com Request a quote .....

HI-TECH SOURCES. - San Diego, CA - - Established leader in supply and support of quality refurbished used electronic assembly machinery since 1979. Save a great deal on the purchase of late model X-Ray inspection systems as well as on SMT and PTH assembly equipment.
(858)689-0333, Fax: (858)689-0347, E-mail: Sales@Hi-TechSources.com, Inventory Page: Click to view complete inventory. Request a quote

LIXI, INC. - Downers Grove, IL - - PCB X-Ray inspection systems from the company that produces high quality, affordable units to fit a variety of applications including electronics (BGA - Ball Grid Array), NDT, pipe scanning, medical, food inspection, and security. Portable and completely safe to use on the assembly line, in the lab, and in the field.
(630)620-4646, Fax: (630)620-7776, E-mail: Sales@Lixi.com Request a quote

MICRO PHOTONICS, INC. - Allentown, PA - - Compact X-Ray scanners for local high-resolution 3D visualization for big multilayer objects such as PCBs, electronic assemblies, etc. Non-destructive defectoscopy for BGA, flip-chips, PCB inspection, and inspection of other micro devices such as watches, etc.
(610)366-7103, Fax: (610)366-7105, E-mail: Info@MicroFotonics.com Request a quote

MINI MICRO STENCIL, INC - San Marcos, CA - - Send your parts to us and lower your cost of BGA production and rework and for short run production verification. Hourly rates for X-Ray services - Interpretation of failure returned in a detailed diagnostic report. Over 20 year experience.
(888)456-4823, (760)591-3804, Fax: (760)591-0853, E-mail: Sales@MiniMicroStencil.com Request a quote

PACE, INC. - Annapolis Junction, MD - - Our XR-3000 bench-top X-Ray inspection system will detect rework anomalies in reflow, cold solder joints, missing solder balls, bridges, voids and other irregularities as small as 0.001 inch.
(301)490-9860, Fax: (301)498-3252, E-mail: Cdugan@PaceWorldwide.com Request a quote

PETLOCK INCORPORATED - Vancouver, WA - - Buyers and resellers of used SMT & thru-hole assembly machinery - Pick & place, solder paste printers, board cleaning, wave soldering, wire processing, lead forming, ATE, X-Ray inspection systems, and more! See current inventory, specs and photos on our website now.
(360)906-8400, Fax: (360)906-8401, E-mail: Sales@Petlock.com Request a quote

PROCESS SCIENCES, INC. (PSI) - Austin, TX - - Providing 3D X-Ray inspection services of BGA , flip-chip, and leadless devices. Circuit assemblers need something other than traditional top down X-Ray to screen for defects such as opens, insufficient solder, and voiding. Our X-Tek Revolution system is designed to visualize the most demanding defects during production and in failure analysis laboratories.

(512)259-7070, Fax: (512)259-7073, E-mail: sales@process-sciences.com Request a quote

SCIENSCOPE INTERNATIONAL CORP. - Chino, CA - - The Sciencope VIEW-X is an affordable, yet extremely powerful high resolution x-ray inspecton system designed to address the inspection needs of BGA, CSP, flip chip, semiconductors, and multi-layer board registration. Scienscope has created the VIEW-X for process development, process monitoring and ongoing support of the rework and repair function.
(800)216-1800, (909)590-7273, Fax: (909)494-5513, E-mail: ddills@scienscope.com Request a quote

SONOSCAN, INC. - Elk Grove Village, IL - - Improve component reliability - Acoustic micro imaging sees defects missed by X-Ray and IR.
(800)950-2NDT, (847)437-6400, Fax: (847)437-1550, E-mail: Info@Sonoscan.com Request a quote

VJ ELECTRONIX, Div. V.J. Technologies, Inc. - Bohemia, NY - - Our proprietary Advanced Defect Recognition (ADR) technology provides you with a sophisticated image enhancement tool for automatically optimizing across density gradients for each region of the X-Ray image - All in a single pass, which means substantial cost reduction and increased consistency across operators.
(800)858-9729, (631)589-8800, Fax: (631)589-8992, E-mail: Jchang@VJT.com Request a quote

X-RAY IMAGING SOLUTIONS, INC. - Lake Villa, IL - - Over 30 years of combined experience in the design, consultation, manufacture and service of x-ray systems for the electronics, security, industrial and medical industries. Using modular designs and standard sub-assemblies, X-Ray Imaging Solutions Inc. can easily tailor an affordable x-ray solution for any standard or custom OEM application.
(847)265-2590, Fax: (847)265-1990, E-mail: XSales@XISxray.com Request a quote ....

X-TEK, INC. - Santa Clara, CA - - Manufacturers of real-time microfocus X-Ray inspection systems for failure analysis, quality control and research. High magnification and resolution large size PCB inspection systems with tilting vertical imaging axis and 260kV X-Ray source. Systems incorporate patented open tube technology.
(408)486-9620, Fax: (408)486-9625, E-mail: Xtekllc@Xtekllc.com Request a quote

YESTech, INC. - San Clemente, CA - - YESTech's innovative and cost effective X-Ray systems come complete with a 130KV high resolution X-Ray source, five axis manipulator and inspection software to inspect for hidden solder joints on BGA devices, voiding, bond wires and correct electronic assembly. Our YTX-5000 system combines X-Ray and AOI inspections.
(949)361-2714, Fax: (949)361-2724, E-mail: Sales@YESTechInc.com Request a quote

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